Case Study: Sunset/Parkside Homes On The Market


And as expected…Pending!!!


Ok, I think it is fair to say that the lack of staging and going with the Chinese homey feel was probably not the brightest idea…

20 lashes for selling a Sunset home for under list!!!


Either staged, or empty. a house where owners still live… big turn off for most people


I saw that. Shame on the seller. Brainless and devaluing home prices in our neighborhood :smile:


@tomato wants to pay you some green on number consulting…:grin:


That beginning of the end for sunset! :scream:


You really are quite evil… :rofl:


Don’t ever go with the classic lived in look when selling a home, even if it is the Sunset. The RE agent really did a disservice to the seller on this one…


Some sellers might not have a place to go without the money. That’s how I got my last flip for cheap.


so you are saying - bet on unstaged listings. got it.


Not good, going the wrong way…


Oh no… :anguished:


Ok, a small fixer going for a mere 786K in the Outer Sunset. This should provide some indication on the market pulse…


Another good case study home. Corner home with separate entranced inlaw action BUT on the L Taraval line so one will feel it every freaking time the train rolls by. But only asking 850K!!!


Wow, beautiful address numbers = beautiful sale price!!! How about over 2M for Outer Sunset folks!!! 634K over asking!!! OMG!!! The Sunset is hotter than heck!!!


Is that a custom built-in fridge? That alone could worth 50k… :laughing:


Did anyone see this in person ? My agent told me it’s pending


That is a $5-10k fridge max.


Still pretty good… better than the run of the mill stainless steel whirlpool fridges we usually see these days… :smile:


That is a small kitchen for a $2m house