Case Study: Sunset/Parkside Homes On The Market


Sure, why not a lap pool (heated) in the Sunset???


Depend on the final price. Will pick outer sunset over central sunset if can get for $200k cheaper.


Well, yes, if cheaper for sure I think (despite the location) but I am wondering what the buying public is going to do independently. (Not that they necessarily will be seeing and choosing between the two homes…)


Ok, let’s see how this one on 19th Ave does…


Make a guess?


Geez, 3/3 with a legal inlaw but on a freeway… talk about a classic plus negated by a negative…i will go with with 1.388M. What are you thinking?


I don’t have market knowledge of SF side. I make accurate-ish guesses for PA/MV/LA/MP.


Why don’t they fix it up and stage a little? Can sell for at least 100k higher.


Because sometimes there just isn’t enough makeup to cover a pig…buuuut it is decent at 3/3 and has a legal inlaw… someone might be willing to live on a freeway or maybe rent it out


Wow, 100k haircut…


Even in a hot market, you still have to put some lipstick on a pig if you want the top dollars…


I believe this one was more of a pricing error. Come on, why would anyone pay 1.25M for freeway front yard when normal, run of the mill, outer Sunset homes are fetching same or maybe more if dolled up?


But I think 1.15M is very realistic.


Another interesting one that is pending…

Come on, how often is it going to be this nice or decent weather-wise out by Great Highway? Is it the allure of the beach, or the 1818 sweet address numbers or the RH2 zoning?


I think some people would just go for that address number alone.


I am one of the those. Overpaid for a SFH with a house number 11808 :slight_smile: 日日发, 定发


Wow, and I hope it has been good for you in terms of financially and luckwise?


@sfdragonboy this might be a good case study for your house:


Thanks! Yes, quite nice actually. Address kind of sucks with the 14 but what can you do? Let’s go out on a limb and guess high, 1.88M!!!


Does anyone know if they are still selling the red new year flowers in Chinatown? I picked up some last year and they were so beautiful (and not expensive!) Is it too late?