Case Study: Sunset/Parkside Homes On The Market


It’s San Francisco! It’s where you’d need to pay the most for the tiniest square footage.


Come on, you’re paying for the address number…:grinning:


Also, where’s the fireplace? Not seeing any… :laughing:


Let’s be honest right, the buyer probably is not extremely familiar with the area and the weather and of course went to the open house when it was probably gorgeous out. Heck, on a nice day who wouldn’t want to live by the beach…


Ok, time to take the pulse of the Sunset with a small, Outer Sunset, fixer… Geez, 950K for this???


“44”—everybody living on this street suffers double death.


Here is a pretty nice one that people may go ga ga over…


Bad number combo…58…


Buyers wont care.

Leta not buy due to number… Said noone ever.


Ok, let’s see what this gut job flip goes for in under a year… my guess, 1.6M


100% over 1.6 is my guess.


The flipper might have done too much for this one given the neighborhood…


That is why I was struggling on what price I would be comfortable with. I mean, we are talking Outer Sunset at 40th Ave. Yes, nice, big, remodeled home but beyond Sunset Blvd. When you start talking 1.7-1.8M I mean that is starting to hit Golden Gate Heights or West Portal territory (granted smaller home but same price). Maybe the Kool-Aid is starting to wear off on me…


Is it worth it ? Probably not, but people are paying top dollar for turn key Properties. I went into that house personally it looks way better in person as the finishing work is above average


Uh oh…


Typical flip game plan in the Sunset and SF in general. Buy a 2/1 for $1M or under, then add one or two more bedrooms/baths plus some lipstick and bam $1.5M+ within half a year.

The part that sucks is that there is no more “starter” homes for the regular home buyer…


No more house for under $1M in Sunset anymore.


OK $1.1 and flip $1.6+ then…


Have to agree with this! For 90% of the regular primary home buyers - the emotional stress of going thru a renovation which is a must for most of the older SF homes is a lot! Little updates here and there are OK, but the work that really needs to update a pre 1950s takes some resources and mental toughness.


Despite the unlucky address numbers, this one may go waaaay over…