Case Study: Sunset/Parkside Homes On The Market


Ok, let’s see if the low price will get this home on a freeway sold…


Haha here’s one with views too! Did you see it sfdrsgon?


No, I didn’t. Wow, total fixer sounds like for a mil… par for the course in the Sunset now…


I get it, open concept is in but to an extent right? I don’t know that I really like a Sunset kitchen to be completely opened up in this fashion. My home, I left some wall to separate the kitchen from the living room but it is open to the dining area. Maybe it is just me…


I think a complete open concert mix well with small area like our typical Sunset upper level homes. It is a more model setup. They can always setup downstairs for more privacy areas.


But most folks have their tvs in the living room or if you are entertaining guests do you want to necessarily hear or see someone cooking in the kitchen area?


Cooking/entertaining like Benihana style for the win!


Yes, this home on a freeway is also Pending…


Not bad for the other house on 19th Ave…


Ok, a large home in the Outer Sunset asking for a very large price out the gate…

Does the seller get it???


Already designated as a Hot Home, will this one hit the 2M benchmark despite the unlucky address numbers? Please do…