Case Study: Sunset/Parkside Homes On The Market


Ok a house pre-approved for expansion sells for 1.4M…


They made those pictures look so real… :wink:


Actually, the sunsets lately have been quite spectacular and orange as in that pic…


You mean the actual sunset or Sunset itself? :wink:


Wifey is back in the Sunset and is happy to be back…nothing like home she says


So are you going to talk to her about your baby plans? :wink:


Uh, no… if anything I am moving ahead with my new year’s resolution which is to enjoy ourselves more in 2018. I have already booked the 15 days cruise from SF to Hawaii during her birthday near Thanksgiving. Maybe I will see you or some of the others on that cruise…

She said her mom cried when she left. I promised her I would do everything humanly possible to get it done in 2018: sell 4plex and buy her the new home in San Bruno or wherever so that she can get her mom over here. When that happens, I will buy the NSX as a gift to myself. What is cash if it goes unspent?


You like to blow away your fortune for :heart::wink:


One life… live it.


Yes sir I’ll make sure to hit the gym twice as hard… :rofl:


I am confused. Why can’t her mom get over here with your Sunset house?


She would freeze to death…lol


Freezing is good. How did Europeans conquer the world? – freezing European climate made them stronger than others. :wink:


Oh, Sunset would kinda work, but not as much room as we would like. Remember, I take care of my mom too every other weekend. Everyone wants a little bit of something. I wouldn’t mind a larger garage and a decent yard. My wife wouldn’t mind a larger kitchen with pantry perhaps. We both wouldn’t mind the weather being a tad warmer and I will need to be closer to Bart for work soon.


Interesting Zillow Make Me Move listing in the Outer Sunset. Looks remodeled and with inlaw for a “song” at 1.65M… Yes, half blk to streetcar. Decent for the buyer who is constantly outbid??? What???,-San-Francisco,-CA-94122_rb/


Pending!!! Come on, go over 1.8-1.9M!!!


OMG, only 1.755M!!! The sky is falling!!!

Oh no wonder, double dipping agent!!!


Wrong time of year to sell. December is worst month.


Here is an interesting listing. I couldn’t figure out how this could be a 4 story building until I saw the backside and overhead picture. Man, they filled this lot to the brim…


Ok, both are new listings and reasonably close enough for a battle royal. Yes, the outer Sunset is def nicer and larger but again closer to the beach. Which one gets the higher price though? The safe bet is maybe the Center Sunset one but that Marina style Outer Sunset is nice and remodeled. I will go for the…Outer Sunset one!!!