Cathie Wood Sees 20% Returns After 'Unbelievable' 2020

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Haven’t look at her holdings for an awhile. Noted she is going big into metaverse RBLX U :+1: and has SHOP SQ as top 10 holdings.

IMHO, she is correct about the mega trends. Might even be right about the stocks but insufficient risk management. Don’t know why she uses 5 year timeframe, 10-20 years would be more appropriate… she is not sufficiently confident? Or she is overconfident in spotting the inflection point?

Mega trends like AI and solar have been much talked about more than 5 decades ago. Wide adoption of AI is less than 10 years ago.


Wait… if CEO can vape, is :+1:

That’s the problem with investors using past financial performance and valuation. We don’t know what are cooking in the labs and future development is unpredictable. If we are confident of the long term (10-20 years) fundamentals of the business, ignore the occasional poor quarterly and even annual financial performance.

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Nobody can predict the future. As we get older it is less and less important. Besides being risky… it’s also boring… enjoy the present and zero out at 90. Spend more and invest less is my mantra. I just acquired 5 more free wine barrels(my wine making buddies are dying or moving). Going to have a huge harvest. Way more than I can drink,

Cathie’s fanboy rebels!

More rebellious remark…

Cathie’s stock valuations assume low :scream: interest rate.

Cathie use a value trapped stock, GOOG, to blast index investing.

@manch favorite auntie…

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Adam needs to do a few things,
a. Don’t make typo in numbers.
b. Put on a wig and dye his face.
c. Change name to Eve Cougar…

Recently, she keeps missing the beat.

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No NVDA. Surprisingly low % in COIN. No crypto miners. She owns the laggards: FinTechs, BioTechs, CleanTechs and Metaverse stocks. The hot stocks are crypto miners, semis, cybersecurity, data analytics and AdTechs.