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Chamath is at it again.

Chamath is a very sharp dude! He’s like our version of Softbank’s Masayoshi Son.

Wow. Give us money and we’ll invest it in a private company. We can’t tell you which one, and you have no say in the process. Trust us and buy our IPO.


@manch You have got to watch this. Brutally honest, watch till the end.

He literally is ripping apart FB and spoke vehemently against social media and what its doing to your brains. I have always thought, Facebook is the biggest productivity killer in the entire world when you cumulatively put together the total hours put into this . Glad people are finally saying it.

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Definitely, why the fuck not, we should fucking copy him :rofl:


Seriously, Not sure why the fuck this guy uses that shit so fucking often, its not even fucking funny :slight_smile:

did any other VC/tech guy comment about how legit this guy is? time will tell but wanna make sure I dotn waste my time.

ok some legitimacy points

WOW!! Just watched it. Chamath is da man! He really resonates with me. Some random thoughts.

  1. I always want a liberal equivalent of Koch brothers. Setting up schools or shipping free medicine to Africa always feels to me just treating the symptoms. We need someone to control the policy levers. Chamath is bringing that point out powerfully.

  2. I suspect Bezos is thinking the same way as Chamath, but he’s smart and not saying that out loud. Witness his purchase of the Washington Post.

  3. I am starting to feel a bit bearish on Facebook.

  4. I also say “I don’t know” a lot, and I frequently change my mind, especially in my investing. Don’t be wed to any ideas. Strong opinion, weakly held.

  5. Get the fucking money!

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Glad you enjoyed it too. Me 2 on what you say above.

Usually the entrepreneur in me comes alive on friday night if I am home. But this is the mid week motivation for me.

I want Steve Jobs back :smile:
Now nobody can challenge Jeff Bezos.
May be Jack Ma?

Well, anybody having a sport package with Comcast, anybody having a Netflix account, anybody using FB and…if you think about it, social media is this forum too. And I always wonder how some posters are here all day long when they ought to be working for their boss. Before last night, after retaking a quiz for 1 hour, at almost midnight, somewhere, 2-3 hours away responded to a post of mine. :thinking:
If I were a boss, and found one of my guys spending a minute here or on FB, I would fire them, immediately…:laughing:

I go anywhere, the best example is my daughter’s school. Parents there with their faces embedded in their phones. The art of conversation is gone. Zombies walking on the streets, some of them not even aware they are going to be run over by yet another stupid zombie checking their phones for any text from another zombie. :joy:

Me? Just passing by, I am an independent agent, can or can’t waste my time on social media but I do, right now I am studying hard to get another license. Only 1,200 questions to be memorized, I will do it in a week, and I’ll be done with the test a week or two later.:blush:

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Another installment of Chamath! He likes Amazon and Tesla, not so crazy about Apple and Nvidia. Of course he’s big on bitcoin. I am getting closer to buying bitcoins now. :blush:

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Take the plunge @manch but also remember to NOT be the last one carrying the bag :slight_smile:

I am slowly getting there. :smile:

He doesn’t believe in semi.

OMG… are you serious??? :scream::scream::scream:

If you had to be reminded of that, then for sure it is a speculation and not an investment. Beware!!! Even Newton lost his lunch. Try that only if you think you are smarter than Newton :wink:

Dumber :blush:

:rofl::rofl::rofl: Then 99.9% of the population should start speculating…