Cheap New Houses in Dublin

3k feet brand new house for only 1M? For this price you can only buy 2BR 900 feet in SF… What’s the catch?

Here’s one…

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Turn on the AC and all’s fine. What’s the big deal?

You have to go out, now and then, that’s the big deal.

Do you not have friends who live in real hot burbs? I do, and when they see me or call me they honestly tell me OMG it is so hot out here in X… you are so lucky. No lie…

Do your friends have AC? I was in Hong Kong and it’s hot like that every single day. Life goes on. It’s this hot only for a few days a year, and it makes the news.

We are not talking about Phoenix where the garbage can melts…

For sure, Asia kicks our arses any day. My wife said I would DIE in Malaysia…

Again, everything is relative. Once you get cclimated here, the heat is just heat and you just can’t escape it when it runs like that for days. Come on, my coworker who lives out beyond Antioch and Brentwood did not flinch when he said his PGE bill was easily over $500 due to AC use. He wasn’t complaining about the bill…

Manch, I really like dublin/sanramon area and the houses. Really feels that you’re in a upscale neighborhood. The only Pain the A is is the commute to SBay where most jobs are. Was there last night.

This home you are showing is really is going for 1.15M. Stretch your wallet and get something like this, some of these 5 bed 3.5K Sft homes have in law units that you can rent out for 1600 per mo.

This is even bigger

Even 1.15 or 1.2 is cheap. It’s brand new and it’s big. Commute to west side of the bay is huge pain. But schools are top notch. If one spouse can quit their job and stay home, I think it’s worth it. It’s like putting two people’s worth of commute on one person.

Will we see more tech settle on Pleasanton and Dublin? I am pretty bullish on that area.

Why not Mountain House ? 4000 sqft, 0.30 acres lot all of $750,000. Commute to south bay cuts through livermore. Heck, get 2 homes for cost of 1 in Dublin/Pleasanton !!

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At this point you can go to Tracy and buy for 350k.only 10 miles more.

Dublin is a more livable city with all ameneties, schools, activities, groceries around. Mountain house is in middle of nowhere

Commuting to dublin itself is a stretch from mview or Cupertino

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Mountain House is a new planned township with top schools and a very close knit community, similar to Dublin or San Ramon. Cannot compare to Tracy. Plus, the fact that you cannot buy a 4000 sqft. home built <10 years old in Tracy also for $350K , Here is a similar one for $655K : !!

Let’s talk median house prices in Dublin vs mh. Where would you live? I say handsdown Dublin. These two areas are not comparable in terms of livability. Yes MH is cheaper. Its out of no where. Google maps tells me commute to dublin from MH on 8:30AM monday morning could be 30-50 min! Its 27 miles driving distance, find a parking spot for BART, Then you take the BART to the city for 50 more mins. I know folks who live in MH and dublin. MH is simply not for me. And May be its me but if a home is 2600 sft or 4000sft it really doesnt make that much difference in terms of optimal usage of space. 4000 sft homes require more maintenance. 2500 or 2600 is the sweet spot.

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For me even 2000 is a bit too big. :slight_smile: But I share the sentiment. 4000 is too big, especially considering the cooling and heating bill.

But price is a lot lower though. Plus Mountain House just got its own brand new high school. So K-12 is all settled. Yes, the drive over the hill can be long. The price differential means there will be many who trade time for money. If 4k feet is selling for 750K, how about something like 3k ft? Will it sell for 650? From an investment perspective it may mean Mt House has more upside.

I have heard folks are not breaking even on rent on550k which is going price for MH, not looking great

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3000 sqft is around 650K. My friend has a property there around that size on rent for $3000.

Something like this:

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3k rent for 650k purchase price is about break even for 25% down. Maybe a bit short but not by much.

I have a house for sale in Discovery Bay, waterfront.1700sf 4/2 $680k…16000sf lot
Rent could be $3000/m

I think you have been selling this house for a couple years now?

Actually listed tenants moving out

Discovery bay, mountain house is like single A San Jose Giants vs the sf Giants lol