Cheap New Houses in Dublin

Ooooh, but which version of the SF Giants, the 2010, 2012 and 2014 versions or this year’s version???:grinning:

My god, if this continues which scientists believe to be the case (also see story about huge iceberg breaking off…) Sunset homes and coastal areas like Pacifica will be gold mines!!!

I don’t get this obsession on weather. If you look around the world, nearly all places with expensive real estate have bad weather. It’s hot in Dublin for a few days in summer. But at least that’s dry heat, and it cools down a lot at night. It’s much better than NYC, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore etc etc. They are all more expensive than our little SF Bay Area.

Plus we have this thing called AC. According to Lee Kuan Yew it’s the best invention of mankind.


Yes, but think about all that you mentioned… one has to make excuses (use ac, the weather is bad everywhere excuse, etc.). In places like the Sunset, one doesn’t have to do anything for mild climate. Get it? You guys want to play the sand castle vs the ocean game. Oh, I can beat the ocean!!! Yeah, right. Please, the earth is warming and everywhere is getting hotter. What part are you missing?? No one is moving towards hot places if they are smart or if they have alternatives. Why is it that places like the Sunset is exponentially getting more desirable and expensive by the minute? Mild climate generally is on the list I am sure. Proof is in the pudding, gang, proof is in the pudding…

While you are it, explain how that central Sunset house clears 2.15M??? Let’s hear the excuses again…

Weather is a negligible factor. Commuting is the big factor. But if Manch does not commute, Dunlin is a good option.

What’s the rental yield there?

I think Dublin is more attractive to SF workers than South Bay.

I totally disagree. Weather, when it comes to buying a home especially your primary home is paramount. The primary reason why the Fab 7x7 is so desirable and so expensive is our desirable mild weather. Sure, we love it to have an occasional sunny and warm day. Who doesn’t? But after say 3…5 days of blistering heat one wants to raise the white flag, no? And again, my coworkers who live in the far reaches tell me all the time that man I wished I lived where you are. And again, it is getting hotter…

Weather means little when you are working in an office…But if you work outside, or spend a lot of time doing outdoor activities then it is extremely important…A friend is moving to Vegas. .The weather is unlivable for 3 months…100 plus…But the airport has flights to everywhere and he is retired…Don’t like the weather, get on a plane…much better invention than AC…BTW, the weather in South Lake Tahoe is perfect, 84, going sailing in an hour…

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But who doesn’t have some time away from work? There is that thing called live/work balance. Obviously, if your work is in NY or Dubai, well, you got no choice about the weather. But, if you did have a choice that is why the Fab 7x7 is so desirable (for many other reasons too). I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I am house hunting, like now, I am pretty picky. Come on, when you are spending in excess of 1M I am not going to accept blemishes or excuses that might impact future appreciation rates. You mean you want me to be subjected to a plane taking off every 10 min or so after I throw down 1M for the home? No dice, no, I mind as well NOT BUY. Yes, there is that alternative. We don’t have to buy just because every Tom, Dick and Harry is. We are smarter than that.

I think Sunset succeeds in spite of its weather, not because of it. First, SF as a whole is benefiting from the migration back to the city. Back in the 80s and 90s people couldn’t wait to get out and move to the suburbs. And within SF, Sunset has good schools, low crime and affordable SFH’s. So people moved there even though they can’t get to see the sun.

But affordable it is no more. I think Portola, Excelsior and even Silver will see faster appreciation going forward. Sunset I think is peaking. Much higher ROI in Portola and Excelsior, despite that hobo who moons people…

For sure, all of those fringe areas are doing very well and definitely hitting the 1M bar more than ever now. But to say that an area has peaked, why is that inevitable? If people found it desirable before and those very attributes remain very much there and relevant why would or should that area peak out? It is just my theory, but I believe Inner Sunset has lost some luster (not a lot) but relatively speaking to the Central and Outer Sunset due to proximity to groceries, restaurants, etc. Yes, you don’t get that extra layer of peace and quiet that I am sure the Inner Sunset has but I have to believe with these crazy 2M sales that people think they can have it all. A surely wonderful home and access to all of the goodies down the street. It is a theory…

Migration back to city is temporary. .It will head bck to the burbs when millennials have kids…

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I don’t think weather is a huge part of the decision when searching for a house. Usually at weather is not something that we worry about too much. I do not agree that it should really affect the value of a house. I would agree that commuting is a bigger factor for a buyer.

Dublin is nice. I have some family there. It has become a killer commute to the peninsula over the last 5 years but if you’re ok with riding Bart, getting to SF isn’t bad. They had developers contribute to building elementary and middle schools so they have beautiful new schools for the young kids. They need another high school though. Lots of overcrowding problems at that level.

Let me restate my position on that. Correct, if I am a millennial or first time buyer, sure, weather probably ain’t #1 on my list. I want a house, any house. Buuuut, once you reside somewhere and get a tad older and wiser, and you have had a chance to survey the land(s) you then pick up vibes as to what is desirable and not. Weather then may come up as a criteria or data point to consider. Beggars can’t be choosers, I get it. If the only thing one can afford is Sac Town or Mountain House, well, Sac Town or Mountain House it is but I hope you enjoy your summers and your commute…

Typically weather does not affect home valuation much. Commuting does have a bigger impact.

Many people dislike SF’s weather, and some people prefer Danville/Dunlin over SF. However, SF has way more jobs than Danville/Dublin.

Economic considerations usually dominate

I bet more tech companies will set up in the Dublin area. When people got rich from their last company and want to start something new, some may choose to set up near their houses. So if Dublin continues to build up and more and more professionals move there, it will increase the chance of there being a vibrant ecosystem.

It will take some time though…

If weather is all important to people Texas would not have 28m people living there.

Already happened. Workday is there. I’m surprised that Workday did not have a big impact on housing price there. I guess people commute to many different companies, a few big emoloyers are not enough.

Also Dublin maybe over supplying the market and build too many homes

Workday is only one company. Needs 3 more at least. There are also some biotech there.

OMG, I expect better responses from our Fearless Leader…

I should have said the rest of USA apart from SF and maybe Oakland. It seems everywhere else has worse weather? :slight_smile:

Is Honolulu too hot?