Cheap New Houses in Dublin


Personally I value good weather. I would be willing to spend more for a good weather and a good climate. But statistically, weather/climate is a very minor concern when compared with job/income. I am always amused when realtors use weather to justify the high valuation of BA housing. They could have used economic reasons and be more convincing.

If Dragonboy wants to justify the superiority of SF, just pick some economic achievements and the argument can be settled in minutes


For some reason, I suspect you are a vastly intelligent, successful individual @BAGB


Moderately intelligent :grinning:

Thanks for the compliment


We all have our strong suits…just don’t ruin our impressions of you by admitting openly that you too have a Denny’s frequent flyer card like OB1…:grinning:


Economic forces are definitely pushing some jobs out that way. The issue I see with that happening faster is the VCs and CEOs live in Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Atherton, SF. They don’t want to commute and they are running the show…


Also nowadays, founders are college students. Experienced founders are not doing well, Workday is an exception.

Tech has become easy and experience has become a negative


Sure these folks are the CEO for a year or two. At that point, the VCs want to see some profits and they put grown-ups in charge. A few exceptions…Google, Facebook but for the most part the idea man makes a crappy CEO.


Actually I think founding CEO is the most important factor. An non-founder CEO leads to mediocre results at most.

Almost all the best companies are led by CEO now


Def does not include this clown…


I live in Pleasanton and yes there are hot days but it’s not like that all the time. Most of the time the weather is pretty temperate.


Do you use the AC much when it is hot or not? My coworker who is in Brentwood or Antioch there abouts said he easily goes at least $500 or more on PG&E due to AC use.


We run it a lot because I can’t sleep unless it’s 70 in the house - but the worst our bill has ever gotten is like $300 - most of the time it is much lower. We also have a Nest which helps.


Yeah, I thought $500 was extreme but it is out out there and he does work at home half the week…


How well does whole house fan work? Is the electric bill much lower than AC?


Anyone on this forum who works in South Bay & commutes while living in Dublin/San Ramon? What are the PEAK commute times generally?(2-3 days of the week?)


I go to SSF not South Bay - but I have lots of friends who commute to Google, Apple, Amazon from Pleasanton up to Danville


Pleasanton is closer than(Dublin/San Ramon) to SBay.

However, Pleasanton - Cupertino(Apple) commute must be killer?

Google maps shows 45min - 1hr @9:30 - 10 am time.


2 friends live in Danville - one goes to Google via bus from Danville, the other goes to Amazon via bus from Pleasanton - I can ask them about commute times…another in San Ramon goes to Facebook via bus from Pleasanton


We spent a week with family in Dublin when we sold our home. I don’t know about to San Jose but peak rush hour to Mt View on a good day it took 1 hour 15 minutes. A bad day 2+ hours.


Dang all that commuting…see my story regarding RWC. This may be truly your last chance before everything is gone…