Cheap New Houses in Dublin




I know! They really wanted us to move nearby but that isn’t going to happen. IMO Dublin to peninsula is only doable if you can wfh a couple days a week and shift your work hours away from rush hour.


I think Dublin can work if one spouse stays home. In effect putting two people’s counmute on one person. So instead of spending 2M on a MV or Sunnyvale house you only pay 1M on a bigger house in Dublin that arguably has better schools.


Dublin, San Ramon have newer infrastructure and roads look wider + good schools. However, the commute is something that needs to work for people depending on where they work. The relatively lower prices reflect that most people work in areas further away.


Exactly. I don’t think it’s the weather. It’s about jobs and being as close as possible to work. The weather in Dublin is still pretty damn good compared to most of the US.


Yepp, when we were looking for houses, we tried driving from South Bay and back to the Dublin area on the weekend and the commute seemed bad (It could have been a bad day) , hence our perception at that time was commute is bad.


Brand new 2k feet house asking for 850K. C’mon.

I just came back from dinner in Pleasanton. Weather was a very nice 85 degree with some breeze. The environment reminds me of South Bay a lot. Of course a lot newer.


How do you commute to SSF? Bart, shuttle, or driving?


work bus


Employer shuttle bus or its future alternatives will make places like DUBLIN/Pleasanton more desirable.

New residents in Dunlin, Pleasanton and San Ramon are mostly highly paid tech workers. It could be a good place to invest. But most of these people would buy instead of rent. Dublin is too liberal on new housing and has created too much housing.

We can each buy a house in Dublin and then vote to make it nimby friendly