Cheapest House in Atherton

Is it REALLY Atherton?

Borderline. Ugly duckling disguising itself as a swan.

Redwood city pricing. Cute neighborhood (not Atherton), should do well.

It is Atherton–the area used to be the servants’ quarters which is why the lot is allowed to be less than an acre. Selby Lane/RCSD, so the cheaper half of Atherton. I’m a bit surprised at the pricing–I’d expect it to be higher, but it is 1500 sq ft. Plus from a bidding point of view, you catch anyone looking at the under $2M but might be able to go higher range.


Oh yes… I own a home in Atherton where the servants’ quarter used to be, that’s why my lot size is only a tenth of a typical Atherton home…

Oooooh. I think I can figure out who you are then :slight_smile:

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Blockquote[quote=“Terri, post:4, topic:7196, full:true”]
It is Atherton–the area used to be the servants’ quarters which is why the lot is allowed to be less than an acre.

Only joking but good to know the history!

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FINALLY SOLD!! Listed for 2.3M back in May 2019. Sold for 1.9M in October.

I thought you’d be all over that cachet :wink:

The seller did ok. It would be interesting to know why it kept getting relisted. 1.4 in 2000 to 1.9 in 2019. The trees impinge on this lot and this end of the street is heavily shaded.

This address should have a Redwood City address and zip code. Only the houses abutting on the North on Selby carry the Atherton address. It’s strange.

Someone bought with 4.3M and now listing for rent at 17.5K per month. Is this market really exist?

Wow. Much better bargain than the “mansion” I bought in Palo Alto. I’m horrible at buying RE. Lucky I have TSLA stock.

No one wants 0.5 Acres in Atherton!!

Give it to me, I don’t mind! :rofl:

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Didn’t that couple in SF rent an apartment for 12.5k a month? Owner paid them 450K to move out so they can rent it out again at 25k. Apparently high price rental is a thing.

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On the corner of Middlefield. Noisy location. Not Prime Atherton. Probably Fair Oaks school district. Pretty lousy rental return. Looks like owner bought the house and didn’t like it.

Townhouse in Atherton? 10 lot split!! Good luck passing that in that town.

Wonder what’s going to happen with the old grape field on Alameda de las Pulgas… You could definitely put in maybe not 10, but 6 houses there, and it’s near enough to Redwood City that it’s not that weird.

Oh wow. Just realized it’s part of another lot…


I’ve been waiting for them to sell the lot to me. I’m sure they’ll give a discount

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