Cheapest SFH in San Francisco


Doesn’t look too bad really.


Yup, small, but not too bad. Let’s shoot for the lucky $848,888…


Unfortunately you are right. Price should be in the 800s.


I don’t know this area well (thank god) but I was initially thinking it was near the projects (maybe it is?).


800’s for a SF address?! Might be right…neighborhood is getting better. I see a lot of Asian’s walking around there (have a buddy that lives there). Schools are still pretty bad in the area though.


aren’t schools in SF based on lotterY?


Yeah, started during my year back on '02-'03 when I was applying to high schools. Still a bit inconvenient for a high school kid to go across town to go to a good school, I feel like.


semi-lottery. You still have a pretty good shot of getting into your neighborhood school.


How about this one? Not too expensive either.


These SF houses are in neighborhoods that are equivalent to East San Jose in the South Bay; that’s why they are kind of cheap… the 3 cheapest zips are 94124, 94134, 94112 in that order…


Smallish and not sure about being able to easily build out another room/bath within the confines of the building in the back of the garage. So, assuming this sells for about 1M or more, I would pass based on lack of easy potential.


New contender for the cheapest SFH. Price is scary low… no pictures of interior though.


Gosh, I wonder how many body outlines are in that one???

Oops, sorry @harriet, for thinking negative thoughts this time of year…no chicken wings for you!!!


You are terrible. :woman_facepalming:


An absolutely heinous murder where the entire family was stabbed to death with bodies laying all over the floor and blood everywhere in every single room… :laughing:


Buy where there is blood in the living room…


After your purchase and making your first visit to the house, the resentful dead will jump out of the living room floor and devour every single part of your body piece by piece… :rofl:


Hey the one on 18th Ave is still available…go for it @manch! Double negative equals positive :tanabata_tree:


:scream::scream::scream: Stay away!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

She did not reduce the price one bit… that greedy widow… :rofl:

I think if she were to reduce it to about $1M or so, there should be a lot of takers…


What’s the listing again?