Cheapest SFH in San Francisco


1986 18th Ave…can’t believe I even have the address memorized…


You are obsessed… I live a block away and I don’t have it memorized… :rofl:


Sucks to have a good memory sometimes…


You were born in 1986? :smile:


You think too much :slight_smile:


@manch… go save the day!!! We can be neighbors!!! :rofl:


He hates the Fab 7x7 with a passion remember???


You don’t understand @manch at all. He likes money above all else. If he could make a quick buck out of the Fab 7x7, his hatred could most definitely transform into desire…


OMG I finally found someone who understands me!! :smile:


595K for a SFH in the Fab 7x7…

My guess is a final price of 828K!!!


Ok, goes for 763K…just 65K off


550 sq ft…do you poop and cook in the same room?! :smile:


Well, semi truth in advertising…they called it a cottage at least and not an expansive mansion


How much was it way back in the good old days?


That little kid at 5:23 kind of looked like me when I was a little kid… :blush:


Ok, I just printed a snapshot of that and will show it to any possible candidates for you…:grinning:




Did anyone notice that this house sold for 830k two months ago? They are not going to sell it for less now!


I don’t understand why anyone would pay 830k for that location, and the house is not even remodeled. I know someone who lives on the next street and I’ve been there a few times. Road is very narrow and there is absolutely no place to park, and housing project is right next door. You see people hanging near the stores along Geneva who don’t have anything better to do. For 830k the buyer should be better off buying a similar house in Excelsior or Crocker Amazon.