Cheapest SFH in San Francisco


But then Excelsior or Crocker Am aren’t exactly desirable neighborhoods either…


Beggars can’t be choosers. Just buy something, anything, and ride the appreciation wave.


I bet that shack was worth $1500 in 1939


Our 3 story flats building in Chinatown outskirts was what $35K in early 1960s???


My parents house bought in 1961 in Berkeley for $50k
is now worth $2.5m


Amazing the consistency… I would think our building since it does not have parking is probably around 2m or so.


Works out to around 7% compound annual growth rate.

Less than stock market, but much more steady and much more likely to have held on for decades.


Have you adopted @BAJacket yet?


You mean the guy who called me a pillow? Lawyer has been instructed to strike him from my will…:grin:


I am up for adoption.


Dragonboy can certainly kill 2 birds with one stone… :smile:


What is desirable depends on what one can afford, but those 2 neighborhoods should definitely be more desirable than Carrizal, at similar cost for the same house same condition.


Do you have to mention names that lead people to a google search…


I feel like I am suddenly hit with Alzheimer’s (it doesn’t mean that I am not in the early stage of it though, don’t know yet but there are signs pointing that way) and having trouble interpreting your response. You were referring to Carrizal? It’s the name of the street at the top of this thread and is the subject of this portion of our discussion.


Pillow is a term of endearment. It means you are soft and considerate and provide a good night’s sleep.:grin:


Oh… now I know what you mean… :smile:


Maybe he mistook your meaning of being “soft”?