China Is Like The Landlord and Hong Kong Is Like The Tenant

Says it all (for me). And we wonder why people still want to leave or send money out???

Yeah, let’s see how good that HK healthcare is cracked up to be…

Bay bridge was $6.4B for 2.2 miles or $2.9B/mile.

China bridge is $15B for 34 miles or $0.44B/mile.

The bay bridge is 6.5x more expensive per mile.

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One word: unions

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More like a ATM machine relation

Xi is :poop:

Kill those demonstrators :imp: HK is part of China. Extraditing to China is a completely valid thing to do.

Deng said: one country two systems. Xi once again disobeyed his much wiser elder. :-1:

Hang Seng is up big 2%. Good day for stocks tomorrow.

Xi is abandoning the hard work and solid foundation laid out by Deng. Biggest piece of shit in the world right now. He will push China into war with the West.

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Xi is the most powerful man in the world now. And he has a lifetime term as president too

Yup, watch the Dow surge above 27k in no time

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Never believed in that one country two systems BS. Hong Kong is doomed the day iron lady fell outside the Great Hall of People.

Hong Kong had a good run. RIP. :cry:

Speaking of falling…

Maybe HK and China have some new hopes??? :pleading_face:

Get a grip. Both China and HK doing great. So is America.

Is Hong Kong doomed economically or politically? I think it should integrate with Shenzhen for economic benefit. Politics is a different issue and it can be emotional and irrational.

Hong Kong is a financial center for China, but it could face challenges from Shanghai. Other than financial industry, what other industries are important to Hong Kong? It seems that Hong Kong’s economy fully depends on China and its tech industry may remain zero.

When China opens up its financial market, Hong Kong exchange may lose listings and its economy may fall to the ground. Its high housing price may also fall.

The only advantage of Hong Kong is its modern infrastructure. The city may remain an attractive place to live, however, what’s its competitive advantage when Chinese economy matures? Can it become a bedroom community for Shenzhen if Hong Kong loses to Shanghai?

Shenzhen may indeed become the world’s 2nd silicon valley. Huawei’s number is astonishing from the recent reports. Trump may know Huawei’s revenue and its growth before he tried to “murder” and ban Huawei.

Hong Kong is special. Its legal system is based on British common law and its financial sector is fully open and based on USD. Just these two things alone will set it miles apart from Shanghai and Shenzhen. In short, it’s Hong Kong’s software, not its hardware, that sets it apart.

Most countries have separate treaties with Hong Kong, including the US. Trump now has perfectly good reason to revoke those treaties. It will kill Hong Kong instantly.

Ultimately its not in Xi’s interests to destroy Hong Kong. This dude is just dumb like a doorknob. Deng must be turning in his grave.

So Hong Kong’s Hope is that China does not open up its financial industry? What if China eventually decide to have a similarly good legal system and Hong Kong will have no advantage in its legal system? In term of talent and human resource, Hong Kong is hopeless if it needs to compete against Shanghai