China’s Challenge to America—from an American journalist’s perspective

I actually read through to whole thing. I got nothing better to do :wink:

Based on his description, America is definitely fighting a losing battle :frowning:

Damn I also read thru it. He knows a lot more about China than your average American, and gets most of the points right. But often he simplifies things too much to fit into his narrative. If Intel were forced to hand over their secrets to China we won’t have the sorry tale of ZTE, which almost collapsed because of America’s chip embargo. China semiconductor manufacturing is still 3 or 4 generations behind. So much for the Intel secret IP…

Also he said China is boxed in from all sides, but he failed to mention the north. I have always thought China will expand north and swallow back Mongolia, and some part of Siberia taken by Russia. Siberia has so few people and China has so many. The current border can’t hold.

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Chinese people are a tropical race. Just look at our skin color. We cannot stand the cold. That’s why Siberia is for Russians. China will invade Siberia only if global warming turns it into a tropical paradise. :wink:

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That’s the bias of we Southern people. Talk to folks in China Northeast and they may disagree.

Also, they are a lot whiter too.

Ok let those Manchurians conquer Siberia. They are used to it already… :rofl:

I have this theory for a long time now. I even told my Russian coworkers.

China will take over parts of Siberia for its water resources. China is running low on water and it has too many people. Siberia is the opposite. Too much water for too few people.

If anything China will first try to retake what was lost. Russia took Vladivostok from China so that it can have a Far East harbor that doesn’t freeze during winter. So China will first try to grab back the outer Manchurian territory that was ceded the Russia 150 years ago.

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War drum rolls…

US “took” Alaska from Russia without a war. The same could happen between China and Russia.

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We didnt take alaska. Alaska came to the great country of usa.

China can make a similar arrangement with Russia.

How about open border? Let China and Russia open borders. That’s the way to own the whole world.

All these talks about “taking” is so last century :rofl:

When you open your borders, you will win the world. May the love and peace forever follows you

You should say that to Trump. Open up the border between America and Mexico…

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Communist countries should open their border first. When USA turns to a communist country, it’ll open border to the whole world, not just to one country

International trade is supposed to achieve the same thing.

Communist countries actually close their borders. Look at North Korea. The more authoritarian a regime is, the tighter the border control.

Yeah, even the communists ban open borders. I guess I would give up on open borders and let the silly idea gone with the wind

Communists put up walls to keep people in. America needs controlled borders to keep from getting overrun. If all the third world people that want to come, and could come today, America would instantly become a third world country.

All these countries citizens could claim refugee status under current Immigration rules. Citizens of Chicago could toi:sunglasses:

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China is not on the list. Neither is North Korea.

Those two countries are not dangerous at all :slight_smile:

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