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Poor you…


I think it would take awhile to get back to ATH.

iQIYI Announces Second Quarter 2018 Financial Results

Total revenues were RMB6.2 billion (US$932.5 million1), representing a 51% increase from the same period in 2017.

The number of total subscribing members were 67.1 million as of June 30, 2018, representing a 75% increase from 38.3 million as of June 30, 2017.

Need to break above $35 for a resumption of bull run. AH closed at $34.42, not so promising.


China Internet Stocks Are Now Dramatically Undervalued by Luke Lango of InvestorPlace. This journalist loves to pump China stocks :slight_smile:


They are indeed dramatically undervalued.


There are lots of undervalued stocks now. 10c is super undervalued, alibaba mildly undervalued. Stateside FB and MU are super undervalued.

Buy buy buy!! :blush:


Chinese internet stocks should not be affected by trade war. Of course if the economy tanks, online ads will slow as well.

Undervaluation is not a good reason to buy since momentum could push them even more undervalued


Your girl said she would buy FB below $150 :slight_smile: guess there could be overhang from retail investors with margin.
MU - 500 shares. would add 500 more soonest.

I recall ads expenses went up during the great recession. Could happen in China too.

Ok to accumulate. Just don’t go margin or long calls.


Interview with SOGO’s CEO, Wang Xiaochuan. Mac’s voice translation for Chinese name is dumb, completely wrong pronunciation. Main takeaways,

SOGO is number 1 in pinyin input method and will soon launch a hardware to make this easier.

His motto is SOGO has to frequently 夺胎换骨 to adapt to the fast changing business landscape.


FANGs Overvalued Despite Recent Drop: Paul Meeks buy BAT.

Meeks mentioned that he prefers Chinese internet companies Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and Tencent Holdings Ltd. “In some cases you could say they have better growth potential than the American net leaders, and you’re buying them in just a total wipeout in their stock markets.”


As of this writing, Luke Lango was long FB, BIDU, JD, WB, BABA, and MOMO.


Who is lango?


Baidu Stock Is the Perfect Buying Opportunity on This Dip by Luke Lango.


Joining Paul Meeks, Jeff Reeves in this article, Opinion: Forget FAANGs: Here’s the bigger dip to buy in Big Tech recommends buying TCEHY, JD, BABA, IQ and NTES.

These stocks have growth stories that are just as impressive as the FAANGs — or even better. Most of China’s Big Tech plays are insulated from the political shenanigans between President Trump and Beijing. After all, computer code isn’t tangible and can’t be taxed at a port of call. And unlike U.S. tech stocks that have saturated their domestic market, the biggest growth engine for these stocks is consumer adoption at home — not in the U.S.

Have increased my stake in TCEHY, BABA and IQ tremendously.
36 BABA still modest :hugs:
1500 IQ still declining :cry:


Still too little.


If $30 breaks, could drop back to IPO price of $18. Overhyped and too many retail investors i.e. no holding power. Retail investors tend to panic easily, need wuqijun to step in, buy n hold please :stuck_out_tongue:

Long term is ok.


I’m already indirectly invested into IQ via BIDU. I have bought and been holding onto BIDU since forever…


Countering the pump by Paul Meeks and jeff Reeves, Piyush Mubayi of GS downgraded IQ and placed an article, The iQIYI Growth Story Is Priced In, Goldman Says In Downgrade by Ezra Schwarzbaum

Goldman Sachs analyst Piyush Mubayi downgraded iQiyi from Buy to Neutral and raised the price target from $23 to $30.


Quality content you can only find on douyin.


Seen this long ago.


Keith Noonan of The Motley Fool countered GS’s downgrade with iQiyi’s Second-Quarter Earnings Deliver Big Sales and Paid-User Gains

Monitor the plan below:

iQiyi is still ramping up its original content production. The company also looks to be making a bigger push into video games, having recently closed a deal to acquire developer Chengdu Skymoons at a price of roughly $300 million. The end goal for iQiyi is to build a comprehensive content ecosystem that brings together film and television programming, video games, and a heavy merchandise component to create a multimedia powerhouse that’s reminiscent of what Walt Disney has accomplished.

Near term, big losses, is a long term play. I believe Youku (alibaba) and Tencent Video (Tencent) have similar goal.