Citywise july 2017 data

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Couple notes:

  1. SF appreciation is weak.
  2. San Ramon, Emeryville, Union City, San Carlos, Pacifica, HMB, San Martin dropped.
  3. Cupertino only went up 2.5%, much slower than PA (8.8%), MV (18.9%), Santa Clara (17.4%) and Los **tos.
  4. Surprisingly Sunnyvale only managed 3%.

Mountain View is on fire. I’ve noticed many basic 3/2 SFHs in mountain view going for 2+ in the last few months.

Median price can be misleading because if more expensive houses sold, it will go up, similarly more less expensive houses sold, it will go down. Same effect for number of re-modeled houses. Some cities are fairly big like Sunnyvale, the hot zip code is 87 + those near to Apple Park, so you can have hot zip codes making new highs while not so desirable zip codes doing not so well, overall would be very different from individual zip codes.


@sfdragonboy :slight_smile:
Fremont up by 17.3%.

I love you (not in that way)…

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San Jose is a good example of what you’re saying.

Looking for reliable data sources by zip codes.

$ per sq ft is usually good but even that’s iffy in the bay area where so much of the value is the land.

Useless data. I compile my own list according to zip codes. Much more insightful.

Trulia has the Average $/sq ft by zip code.

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94087 - up 12.5% YOY

Hmph. :frowning:
We said no to MV / Sunnyvale, and moved up to sf…

SF felt cheap even back in March. It must feel much more so now.

After SF stopped teaching algebra its home value will suck going forward.

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Yes, Fearless Leader, the world is going to stop because of a freaking algebra class…LOL!!!

That’s like saying America’s home value will suck going forward because China is turning into the next superpower. Come on, get a grip!!!

Joke aside, sf startups better hustle up, otherwise we might get stuck here for long. Only after 5+ yrs of boom cycle did SFO finally do some renovation in domestic terminals. That’s how slow infrastructure developments take… If we slow down now, we may never see the end of transbay, more homelessness, yadi yada… :frowning:

Actually SF as a whole may be fine. Sunset will suck going forward. :smile:

No matter how sucky it gets should still better than a neighborhood where both neighbors are of a certain ethnicity though…

We are seeing the homeless because of the weather… it’s too good. You don’t see any homeless in New York because they’ll freeze to death in the winter… Hawaii actually has even more homeless than SF.

Unfortunately we have a lot of homeless in Tahoe
We should give them one way tickets to Hawaii or Fresno