Cloud Kings

The seven Cloud Kings are ADBE, CRM, NOW, RHT, VMW, SPLK, and WDAY. Perhaps some tech savvy guys can tell us more :slight_smile: I own some SPLK :slight_smile:

OMG, do you follow Jim Cramer?

Any way, ANET, CSCO are also in cloud other than MSFT, AMZN, GOOGL, AAPL Cloud service providers.

I’d be the most bullish on NOW then WDAY. CRM is already a pretty big company.

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Both WDAY and NOW at peak prices, like other tech companies.

This is why I am scared of Mr.Market and the after effects of Mr.FED rate hikes.

I took down some of the profits and got around 11.54% YTD appreciation.

Stock can drop like a stone. Home price is more stable. If you are scared, sell stocks and buy rentals. After crash, you can get a big Heloc and buy a boatload of stocks :rofl:

Jim said this is the shopping list, wait for the correction.

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True, real estate is fairly stable compared to stocks except 2008-2011 period. I always have comfort in buying real estate at any period of time.

There are few issues.

Real estate is not liquid, not easy to sell like stocks.
RE is not attractive without mortgage. Mortgage is tougher to get as you go up in loans.

Stocks are liquid, but volatile and have highest growth possibilities compared to real estate.
Stocks are very attractive without any margins or loans. They are plenty of avenues with stocks than real estate.
It can be started with minor amounts and grow up further.

For example, I did not get any home last 9 months, but I earned a good amount from stocks, 16% last year and 11% this year with the down payment amount.

Personally, I am still 80% real estate and 20% stocks and I would like to improve from stocks side mainly.


I never take his words, he says good when market has gone up and bad when it fell down.

If they are good, buy it now. Don’t time the market.

Cramer is good at making memes. Remember FANG? This new “Cloud Kings” stocks will do well because suddenly there’s a new narrative. Market is driven by narratives.

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Title of his show is mad money😀
Mad money = money that you can afford to lose all = momentum trading, so don’t judge what he says using an investor’s POV. The only stock that he said don’t trade it is AAPL. All other stocks, his opinion is only valid at that point in time. Context :grinning: CTA :crazy_face:

All except ADBE is below 10-day SMA. No urgency to get any… have SPLK.


Gary said yes.

Red Hat: Time To Dip Your Toes In $RHT



BTFD or is THE correction?

Has anything changed in the economy that’ll impact earnings?

yes, impending trade wars and rising rates (with forecast increase in unemployment rate)

marcus - i am cursing you these days :stuck_out_tongue: not really, but maybe?! :slight_smile:

that said, i am kind of a bit in panicky mode, but holding. i hope it doesn’t turn into a bag :slight_smile: