Cloud Kings


I thought you said their tech is pretty meh?


I did, but i did buy some calls, made 3x. Could have made 10-20x i guess by now :stuck_out_tongue:

could have, would have, should have :slight_smile:

My new picks are NVDA, (soon) BA, FB. All stocks that are far below their ATH.


$3M is good enough, no need for $10-$20M. We know.
NVDA and FB? Crowded trade. @manch and I are already in, please don’t cloud in :smile:


i have been holdinf fb for a while. got in nvda recently, good money to make :stuck_out_tongue: you want more people to buy, no?

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Cloud continues to outperform the market. MDB! Should have bought yesterday when @tomato came here out of the blue to mention that ticker. As usual, don’t buy @manch counters e.g. BOX :slight_smile: or @Jil counters such as STNE, and also DBX :smirk:

A few hit new ATHs, ZEN, TWLO and SHOP.





Whose pick was that? :thinking:


No one. It hasn’t reached the magic teens yet :innocent:

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Slaughter :jack_o_lantern: Oink oink

BTFD now or wait for them to drop near Dec low?


It’s not a FD, it’s a SD (shallow dip).


I do not expect it touches Dec low, but very likely reach around S&P 2650-2700 range (Pure guess) before it turns back bullish again.

Use your own charting technique (you are good with that) to find the bottom. Wait for opportunity…


Did you grab any Tsla when it was at the 250s?


I saw TSLA by $255, but not $250. I have one GTC order for $250.


Every D is FD.


Bloomberg: Forget Photoshop. Adobe Is a Marketing Company Now

Like it did with Photoshop and Flash, Adobe has been trying to buy its way into a dominant position in marketing and analytics, where Inc. is a principal repository for customer lists and SAP SE benefits from customers’ accounting records. Adobe bought e-commerce company Magento for $1.7 billion in May and a few months later paid $4.8 billion for Marketo, a—yes—marketing firm that mostly targets other businesses. The Marketo acquisition was Adobe’s largest ever and more than double what Marketo sold for just two years earlier. Adobe said on March 26 that it plans to build a central hub for all of a given customer’s consumer data and that it will partner with other software makers to make sure the system is compatible with their data stores.


The Cloud Revolution Is Here, and These 2 Companies Are Poised Best to Profit

Article recommends MSFT and AMZN. Growth investors like @wuqijun, @manch and @Jil might ask, is the return over say, 5-10 years, greater than cloud kings, princes and princesses? Who doesn’t know they are good :slight_smile: but we are talking about comparative returns :wink:


This author is Jim Cramer’s pet. Ignore him.

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But @hanera is also Cramer’s pet. :smile:

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Every post is paid by someways by the referred companies. Use it with grain of salt.

The best advisor for you is yourself. I strongly believe in my own analysis, but screw up at times.


One thing I don’t understand yet is what does cloud mean to network security company. We have a ton of names like Palo Alto Network, CyberArk, Zscaler etc. Need to study more.