Cloud Kings


I thought you said their tech is pretty meh?


I did, but i did buy some calls, made 3x. Could have made 10-20x i guess by now :stuck_out_tongue:

could have, would have, should have :slight_smile:

My new picks are NVDA, (soon) BA, FB. All stocks that are far below their ATH.


$3M is good enough, no need for $10-$20M. We know.
NVDA and FB? Crowded trade. @manch and I are already in, please don’t cloud in :smile:


i have been holdinf fb for a while. got in nvda recently, good money to make :stuck_out_tongue: you want more people to buy, no?


Cloud continues to outperform the market. MDB! Should have bought yesterday when @tomato came here out of the blue to mention that ticker. As usual, don’t buy @manch counters e.g. BOX :slight_smile: or @Jil counters such as STNE, and also DBX :smirk:

A few hit new ATHs, ZEN, TWLO and SHOP.





Whose pick was that? :thinking:


No one. It hasn’t reached the magic teens yet :innocent: