Coming soon - 236 Selby Ln, Atherton < 1 acre

236 Selby is expected to be completed soon. I happened onto the jobsite. Idk who put this project together, but I did speak with the GC for a little. It’s on the Atherton border, but it’s atypical.

Guessing they will want 3mm ish for it. Traditional exterior with a modern interior. If anyone here is shopping for a primary.

3M for Atherton looks cheap. How big is the interior?

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That one was bought for $2,330,000 on Aug 2, 2016. IMO, Selling at 3M will not help the flipper/fixer

Atherton prices are stagnant. .Why $3m after 8 months from $2.33m…Old tired rancher… .Selby school…Not Prime Atherton…quarter acres…no teardown potential. .

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The 3mm ish I pulled out of my rear. I just can’t imagine it going for more than 3.5. It has an attractive modern finish and the GC threw out a 500k figure. It was not a let’s find in-stock finishes on sale!

I believe it’s already going through the private agent circles.

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A tired rancher with a $30k kitchen redo and a couple of $10k baths… $3m would be a healthy profit

On market at 3.9.

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Keri Nicholas more times than not overprices the homes she sells…and they sit and sit till they finally come down to market value.

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Had already been renovated. Kitchen and baths. What a waste! Wish people would only flip the crappers.

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Now is it too modern for that area? I thought people there are more conservative in taste?

No, it’s that modern traditional. Very similar to that Noe place you posted about.

Cheap seats for Atherton. .Redwood city schools, Redwood City price…Look at Oakwood

It’s ok. I don’t particularly like the garage door, but there’re some other houses around with the same thing.

OK, it will sell, and for more than asking.

I love Atherton, I do, really. But I can’t live there. Some day, who knows.

SOLD! 4.15M.

Flipper made tons of $$$ on this one. Only 8 months of work.

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Indeed. What did the flipper do? He added an extra half bath. Remodel cost is less than 200k.

Flipper won big but buyer lost big. Stupid buyer. But I guess when one has billions of dollars he can care less… :slight_smile:

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It’s good value for buyer. Rehab is a dirty job best done by professionals, as the crack house article made clear.

Come on, don’t say it’s good value when you don’t mean it… buyer could’ve bought the same house last year for 1.5M less.

But then they would have to do the rehab themselves. I can’t imagine high calibre execs like Elon have the time or the patience to manage a bunch of contractors. Their time is much more valuable than mine. So for these people having someone else worry about “trivial” details like when will such and such subcontractor shows up is good value.

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