Corporate housing

That may be the solution but I am afraid it may attract more unqualified applicants.
At this point, I am really leaning toward Zeus option.

I agree with you.
The first qualified candidate was certainly from other state.
I missed another well qualified applicant from other state due to time conflict on viewing schedule (he was visiting one day but I couldn’t get out of office on that day.).

Today, I uploaded my ads to classified section of my company. We’ll see if I can find luck through it.

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Depending on your area that you are renting in, the Zeus tenants they find are usually fairly decent quality and you can specify if you have restrictions (ie. no tenants less than a month etc etc). Since it is totally furnished, it helps avoid the constant furniture churn. Are they offering you near your asking rent?

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I haven’t got evaluation yet.
I sent basic info only and they wanted to set up meeting with me but i am still not clear if such rental platform is compliant with SJ ordinance.
I reviewed yelp review on Zeus and almost all of them were abour airBnB like short term stay.
Even if i restrict to more than a month long rental only, it is still not clear to me whether or not it violates SJ rental code and ordinance…

One thing with out of state tenants is that they usually rent for shorter term. They stay about a year and either buy or find a location that suits them better.

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Did you consider hiring a local realtor/ property manager to only take care of finding tenant?
That’ll remove you as the bottleneck wrt showings etc

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Do you have any recommendation?
My property is in Cambrian San Jose.

I personally prefer screen tenants myself as I get a full view and understanding of the future tenants. Many times, you can tell if a tenant will be problematic by talking with them. You can also get a feel of how long they will stay and if they will take care of the property.


That’s exactly what i have been thinking but at the same time screening tenants consumes more time than i expected…

You can prescreen tenants when you are talking with them on the phone or email. I typically ask them some basic questions and ask them to tell me a bit about themselves before arranging for an appointment. This way if they are not a fit, you can just reject them without even showing the property. Saves your time and theirs.

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I’d sometimes google the person as well. One time, I found out that this potential tenant was involved in a lawsuit with their landlord. Needless to say, I snubbed them.

The last tenant i screened gave me so many wrong info about her occupation, income and so on. Apparently, i couldn’t figure that out until i got all third party report and reference check. By then, i already spent significant amount of time. I am mentally exhausted about this unexpected findings.

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I guess if they lie, its difficult to find that out until after you do all your checks. What I’ve done is that I told potential tenants beforehand that I’d do credit, background and reference checks of all their adult applicants and it would cost $30 each. I’d also ask them if there’s anything I might expect when running these checks or if there’s anything not mentioned in the application. They may start spilling their beans at this point. If not, then its $30+ wasted for them. I had a potential tenant not turn in an application because they found out I was going to run a background/criminal check on them.


Talking about tenants, here’s an interesting video abut a crazy tenant experience. It’s a long video, but it’s definitely an interesting story with good tips on finding out more information on the tenants:

Now these regulations are making you crazy. Do you prefer more regulations or less? Are you for deregulation yet?

Everyone should do some real world business to appreciate how regulations affect the world

I never understood reasoning and effectiveness of rent control / rent ordinance any way.

If you bought in Santa Clara which has no rent control, your life would be better.

But now we can count on you to campaign for No on Prop 10 :rofl:

Even my cousin who is an admitted socialist and voted for rent control in Richmond is against Prop 10

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Great. What does your cousin say about Prop 10?

She is against all rent control now. It has come down to a fight between the givers and the takers. The taxpayers against the the people getting government services.
I met with McClintock and Steve Bailey yesterday.
Very impressed. McClintock is a very soft spoken determined conservative. He pointed out how out off touch the progressives are with the people.
Steve Bailey is running against the incumbent Attorney General appointment of Jerry Brown.
He is my neighbor and friend. He was our local Superior court judge. He listened to all my information about Prop 10 and the housing crisis.

The blue wave is not as certain as people think. Sure many hate Trump. But locally most people are conservative. Gas taxes, Prop 10, crime(how many of you have had their car windows broken) lines at the DMV and freebies for illegals could create a red wave.