Corporate housing


We have been working with Zeus for our rental property and our experience has been great so far. I think the rent is reasonable, maybe a bit lower than some other houses in the area, but we were ok with it for the convenience that comes with it. I think they mainly do 2 year contracts but things could have changed. Small maintenance issues are handled by them and they get in touch with us if there is anything major that needs to be fixed. Overall, we are happy so far.


Finally, i found a well qualified tenant and just sign the lease!
He was just relocated to this area and this time it worked out well.
Thanks everyone for very helpful tips here!




Great. Is he moving in quickly? You beat all the PMs


He will move in this Saturday.
I feel so lucky and grateful. :slightly_smiling_face:


Congrats! I feel like I went through the same thing, but it was worse timing - during Thanksgiving/Xmas timeframe (worst time to find a tenant). I was just about to give up on finding a tenant and going with Zeus, before I landed a great tenant who just recently re-signed an additional year.


Great timing. Glad it worked out for you.


One person or a family? Does he work in tech?


Family. Yes he works for FANG.


Cambrian? Then is Apple :grinning:


Apple not part of FANG.


Most people refer to FAANG as FANG😀


I have one more question to landlords here.
My rental property has recently updated wood shutter in living room and kitchen, and wood blinds in bedrooms.
However, the new tenant asked if I can install curtain on top of them.
I am really hesitant to do so since the current wood shutter and wood blinds are high quality ones and newly installed. In this case, what would be the reasonable response?


My windows are updated with wooden shutter too.
Doors use curtains as shutters are not convenient.
Bedrooms I use curtains because I feel is nicer :slight_smile: Two curtains, day and night.


They can install on the wall, but not on the wood shutters. I feel that if the tenants make their home like theirs, they tend to enjoy it more, take care of it more and will live longer.


ask the tenants to install if they like


Window coverings are tenants problem


Same with others. Curtains are tenant’s thing. I have curtain rod in my property, but I don’t provide the curtains.


Thank you so much for valuable advice, everyone!
I suggested that I should pay for rods in bedrooms(in bedrooms, it has wood blinds and in living/dining room, it has wood shutter now) but asked him to buy curtain and take it when he move out and he happily agreed with it. :slight_smile: