Costco is cheaper than Amazon

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Of course…The whole Amazon business plan is expensive. …sending out individual pieces instead of shipping in bulk…Amazon buyers are lazy… …prefer to pay extra for the convenience…

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Right. And Amazon shoppers have the money to splurge.

I’ve stopped buying from Amazon for a couple of years because their price advantage does not exist anymore. The only things I buy are for their wide choices/selections for low priced stuff such as cell phone/tablet covers, extra chargers, rare old technical books etc.

Recently I find even the e-books are the same price at the original publishers than via Amazon(although cheaper than iBooks or Google books). The advantage with buying from the publisher directly is one can get it in epub + Pdf format & one owns those offline. Also, one can sync the highlighted parts on different devices on the epub format via iBooks.


One of my friend buying at Costco and selling on Amazon and Ebay. He got enough $$$ for downpaymant for his house


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But are those $$$ for downpayment from his earnings via buying at Costco and selling on Amazon and Ebay?

According to him “almost” all his business spinning around Costco and Sam’s Club. Sometimes HomeDepot and other retailers. He is using coupons + discounts etc.


Get stuff for free on Craigslist and then sell…very lucrative. .Especially if you source in the BA and sell in Tahoe

I use the Amazon app when I go to Costco. You can scan boxes or barcodes. Sometimes it’s cheaper, sometimes not. Got some packing tape for like half the price per foot of Costco (same brand), similar total length. Likely this article focused on bigger products where I’d guess Costco has smaller margin?

Costco has been upping their beer game recently and taking a lot of my monies. Can’t get beer from amazon

Wholesaler (Costco) sells in bulk to retailers (him). I guess he did his homework as to what products sell well in smaller packages.

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Uh oh…

@Jil, is it time for me to venture into individual stock buys with this buy???

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The way I think “what will happen, next 5 to 10 years , bay area real estate?” do you see decline or appreciation?
same way, “what will happen to AAPL or AMZN next 5 to 10 years?”

As long as Amazon or Apple are good with profit margin appreciation in absolute scale, they are good for long term.

Amazon price down, for not matching market/analysts expectation, is speculative drop.This is exactly like AAPL down few days before. The price won’t stay low for long duration.

This is the main reason, many investment books gives “Do not buy with higher price thinking future appreciation, but buy the company stock at par or try to buy at par value”.

I got alert today evening about 5% down after market. Since I bought AAPL recently I have zero cash reserve.

I need to sell some profitable share and buy amazon tomorrow. But the current super profitable share is NVDA and UBNT which I do not like to sell.

On any case, I will try to get few shares either tomorrow or later (if price is low). This is for holding long period.

I can not say for you or others. It is your own risk.

I used to buy on those speculative drop after earning call (for the companies I know who has long term or high profile enough that it will come back up), then sell it after 20% or so profit and wait for next one. Last venture was NFLX back in July and now 45% return in 3 months. I’ll be watching AMZN price tomorrow as well.

Amazon hardly ever makes a profit …All it cares about is creating market share…It is the great deflator…People use its prices to drive down competitors prices…How long will it keep going? Why is its stock price up 40% in the last 2 years?

Amazon and Tesla purposefully show financial loss or low gain (like tax loss harvesting) exactly like the way Trump made loss. Business grow, but make low tax profit or tax loss !

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Exactly, I bought NFLX at 84.5, but sold at 96 ! Then it went up current level. Missed the boat !

Current quarter is thanksgiving and Xmas quarter. More than half of US sales are yet to start. IMO, Amazon will do nicely, I hope. Whoever buys now need to hold until Jan/Feb 2017.

[quote=“Jil, post:15, topic:1052”]
Amazon and Tesla purposefully show financial loss or low gain (like tax loss harvesting) exactly like the way Trump made loss. Business grow, but make low tax profit or tax loss !
[/quote]This trick is used by mom and pop business, few friends’ business show losses every year yet live in big houses and drive luxury cars. Just a bit surprise listed companies like AMZN and TSLA can get away with this type of trick.

Trump is not small, Big person financially !

Yes, many big parking money overseas as tax haven states. The report is very true for Amazon, Google, Facebook, apple,…many companies park 2.4 Trillions.

They (big corps) hire tax lawyers, tax financial specialist to find appropriate legal avenues and comply the law and tax rules.

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Before you buy amazon, review this page and analyze the future.

Gosh, like our fearless leader and snail mail, I may have to open up a Schwab account pronto…