COVID-19 in Santa Clara County with unknown origin

Finally it’s here.

The case, in a patient now at El Camino Hospital, is the second in the Bay Area this week in which the infected person had no known exposure to the disease either through travel overseas or another infected person, suggesting the disease may be spreading in the community.

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One more in Oregon.


from the comments below that article:

“The reason this was found is because yesterday FDA gave permission to Santa Clara county to test. There is probably a backlog of such cases, as CDC was not willing to test them. They will surface in the next few days”

They don’t have enough test kits, someone stated there.

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The woman had recently been to South Korea, a country affected by the outbreak. But the Snohomish County patient, a high school student, did not recently travel to any countries affected by SARS-CoV-2, the official name of the novel coronavirus, said Snohomish Health District officer Dr. Chris Spitters.

“It’s concerning that this individual did not travel, since this individual acquired it in the community,” Washington state health officer Dr. Kathy Lofy told reporters Friday at a news conference at the Department of Health Shoreline. “We really believe now that the risk is increasing.”

Spreading in the community for sure.

It is very likely that we have some asymptomatic carriers in the community who are actively interacting with other people.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we discover more cases next week in Bay Area. CDC needs to pick up steam.


Definitely, I’m wondering how they are going to handle the schools. They have had a month to prepare a plan. PAUSD sent out a notice back on 1/27 simply referencing information disseminated by SCC Public Health.

Who thinks they are prepared, not me!

Schools can tele-teach since most kids have computers at home.

The moment you have asymptomatic carriers you’ve lost the ability to keep it under control. All you can do is try to slow down the spread so the hospitals can handle the cases.


All migrate to tropics and stay in air ventilated (no air-con) houses.

UC Davis closed now

On the positive side if it turns out to be way more widespread than we think it follows that it is much less deadly than we think.


Yes, that is what news/media started telling now.

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You have to think that the countries that are aggressive about contact tracing and testing represent the best place to draw conclusions from. If you want to infer how easily it transfers and how fatal it is, work with those data sets.

Counting on magic fairy dust will do nothing for you. Indonesia says lack of COVID-19 cases a blessing from God - CNA

It’s clear that we don’t aggressively test or track. I’ve asked around about school preparation, and they are not. They are only working on plans now. It’s clear from reports from Solano, UCD, etc that the health institutions are also behind the ball.

The idea around containment and isolation bought us time, but we didn’t make use of it.


You can’t contain something that spreads asymptomatically if you’re looking for symptoms to quarantine people. Lesson learned.

I will agree with acre, though, it’s probably less deadly than we thought because people with no or mild symptoms weren’t tested and accounted for.

From what I’ve seen, schools have been quite proactive. One of our kids’ schools is implementing handwashing every morning (given its in SF land of world-class filth, you’d think that was a no-brainer and yet the kids are generally healthy anyways). My alma-mater university sent out a school-wide mass email weeks ago asking people who’d travelled to China to self-quarantine and keep in contact with the Medical dept.

And the irony is that kids seem to be low risk for symptoms.

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Maybe they are serving as petri dishes to clear out some of the dead wood :laughing:.

Unfortunately I am one of those dead wood. Luckily I’ve moved to Austin timely and avoided the judgement day so far. Touch wood :crazy_face: Other than masks, ample supply of water, hand sanitizers, toilet paper, rice, noodles and anti-bacteria wipes. Nobody wear masks and restaurants are very crowded.

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Yesterday I went to Almaden Costco. All the toilet paper was sold out! Can somebody who stocked up toilet paper explain the rationale? I can understand food or rice, but people can probably survive without toilet paper, forever! Not to mention there is no indication of production cut for toilet paper.

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According to the statistics from China, the average age of the coronavirus fatality is 70.5. The elderly are more prone to serious complications. The different part is we also heard some young and fit people(such as a female national soccer team member in Iran, and young doctors in China) died of the virus. Of course, the details are lacking for them, so maybe they still have some other underlying health conditions.

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stock up on stuff you usually use so you don’t have to goto crowded places for a while. Doesn’t seem that crazy

Have you tried using other stuff besides TP? I used old newspapers when I was growing up in China and it sucked.