Daly City Rocking The Overbids



Sold for 1.18M in cash it looks like. Based on two last sold one, common theme is listing agent is also the buyer agent.


6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms? Are they running some funny business inside?


Owner seems to convert the single family house to two legal units after purchase in 2013. Description said both units are permitted. Both units are 3/2.


This was another 6/4 house I visited awhile back, it was quite nicely done. Upstairs has about 1200 sqft and downstairs has about 1000 sqft. I didn’t feel it was squeezed.


How is this a flip? They didnt make any changes to main house. Only the downstairs in-law. They did new flooring, new backsplash, some upgrades in bath, recessed lights downstairs. May be 15K cost? Expected 1.1 may be. I guess the market turned so hot they decided to put it back on market. I think this is their plan B. Not bad. Daly city is indeed red hot.

Old listing:



If you rent the 6/4 house out to two groups of people, do they get to share the backyard? Garage? Do you install separate utility meters or have them share the bill?


Share the bill…no one is going to install separate metering just for that. For example, our Chinatown multi unit has one water meter. I figure out the allocations to the tenants each month based on bill and send them an email to pay X on next rent payment. Each unit has same number of individuals mostly and similar usage habits (work all day, so gone). I accept a small percentage of bill since owner.


Generally share the bill, or some people I know charge per head and landlord pay for it (if they use too much, you give them warning and you will increase the rent). Generally Backyard is for downstairs. Garage can be either. Normally you make upstairs premium pricing so they got garage & drive way, and pay higher than downstairs rent.


Anyone wants to flip this? Or BRRR? It looks like it’s gonna fall down any minute…


How much can it sell for after fixing up? At this price, there does not seem to be much profit left for flippers.


Probably true, but as my flipping neighbor agent says, sometimes in lean hunting times it is best to keep your crew and help working so you buy something like this and hope to just make a little.


This looks like a decent deal, no? SFH with an inlaw on a good sized yard


That’s area is near the DMV and lot of commercial traffic.


I like the street number :slight_smile:


Sold for 1.18M, bought in May 31st with 950K and made very minor update.


The pictures looked a lot more stunning with those minimal updates… :rofl:


Double dipping!!! Double dipping!!!


Winnie Kwong in Daly City is the equivalent of Jason Chan in the Sunset.


Come on, no one comes close to Jason…


This Daly City listing is teaching us geography.

If you squint really hard on one of the few clear days you can see the GGB…