Daly City Rocking The Overbids



Wow, big DC house goes for 235K over asking at 1.22M!!!


On the busy street too, I guess busy street is a good thing in Daly City. I see houses on St. Francis Blvd sold quite high, maybe ppl like to be close to the bus station?


That doesn’t make sense. Who likes noise 24-7 right outside? It would be like living on 19th Ave…


@RealEstatebull, did you do it? Nice location in St. Francis.

It looks like cash closing in 6 days.


Just saw this one, nicely done and expansive and in best neighborhood of the Daly City, but still 1.12 -> 1.45?


This one has good in-law potential. Any taker?


Maybe I should trade in my east bay homes for something like this… :thinking:


I thought you are trading with @hanera?


Sounds familiar…

I am passing on that DC private sale. At the end of the day, do I see myself enjoying living there in semi similar fog/cold weather as the Sunset? Probably not. San Bruno, SSF and Millbrae, here I come hopefully…


I’m leaving all my options open… :rofl:


Do it, Do it!


No, No…don’t do it. leave DC alone…it’s very foggy, ghetto, and low income city… go to santa clara. san jose, google apple facebook.


Um… coming out of Antioch anywhere else in the Bay Area is utopia… :rofl:


I’ll be your reporter for Daly City $899K asking -> $1.15M sold


Yeah, since DC is off my target list, I am nowhere near up on the happenings there. I do know that I am seeing A TON of new DC listings show up under my need to change Redfin saved area searches though. One day, I believe I had 12-14 new DC listings. It would be nice if that phenomena would happen in SB, SSF or Millbrae!!!


Yea, I noticed in last couple of weeks too. Highest inventory in 94015 I have seen in past two years. We shall see how market is going to respond. What are you seeing @RealEstatebull?


@RealEstatebull bought in DC too? Did not know… Seems we have a fairly strong DC team on here.


the force of no rent control is strong, luke…


@myo Not yet. Seems like its too far for a flip from my work. Not thinking of a buy and hold in DC at this prices, unless a deal comes my way. All the 2 unit possible homes are going for an arm and leg.