Daly City Rocking The Overbids



In Bay Area, close your eyes, spin around, and point your finger to it. You can say that statement again and again :slight_smile:


This agent is very good, I met her at the open house. I believe its biggest per SF for that saint Francis area


Of course, Pending… who can say no to Double 8s!!!


How this only sell for 405k?


good deal


Price drop! Run!


Only 1180sf, very small. Does it have an illegal inlaw?


I didn’t look into details, but for 5/3, I am assuming there are some other living space.


Is it 20% discount with a forced appreciation of 10% through cheap painting and landscaping.


Nope. It’s an overpriced listing that did not sell

Here’s one for you


Sold for 1.35M with legal kitchen & 2/1 downstairs. Location is not ideal for me since it is backing into ocean. But one step closer to 1.5M in Daly City!


What’s your estimate on this? It has a legal 1 bedroom inlaw



gotta stop pumping this. keep daly city under the radar…


Why you hoarding???


chinese are hoarders


What do you guys think of this house sale price for 2 / 1.5 but most desirable location in Daly City? Is it mini-golf in backyard or Sauna in the bathroom? cc: @dioworld @harriet


Must be the sauna :slight_smile: Looks like there is a studio in the back as well. It’s rare for a split level home in the Olympic #1 area to have an in-law unit so perhaps that’s the draw?


wow. 1.45 crazy… i drove by every week to pick up mail from mine, it’s like a block away. i thought it will sold for 1.25, 200k more than i expected.


This is an investor flip. Flipper bought it for 1.088 last May and sold it for 1.45. He probably put about 150k into renovation so netted about $150k.


Flipper likely losing money. Took too long, the number 1 sin of flipping.