Daly City Rocking The Overbids



My place is not that foggy. Heck sometimes it’s even sunnier than where I used to live in Sunset (both Inner and Central). It depends on where you are located, but in general Westlake is not that foggy as long as you are not near Skyline. The rest of Daly City is super foggy though no doubt.


That’s great to hear because of the purchase price I got the property at…property tax will be high.


Congrats! Welcome to DC!


I am surprised that this goes at 1.12M for AS IS sales and condition. When will DC hit 1.5M for nice remodeled ones?


Already there…someone lists this at 2.9M… :joy:


Heh. I am not sure I would stress that it has 5 levels if I were LA.


Come on, is this gonna sell anywhere near asking price? I say no…


It’s obviously a joke. I can’t imagine any agent would put up with this insanity. Probably LA is the seller…


Gosh, killer address number!!!


This agent is smoking some strong stuff


I think this one is more inline with where the market is right now. Did good job with some paint color and flooring - original kitchen and partially updated bathrooms. $$$ for Daly City owners!

Find you value-add with adding in-law units or adding permitted square-feet in downstairs.


SFSU is very cold last time I went nearby. Is it foggy there? how is appreciation near SFSU?

Some part of Daly City is close to SFSU so you can rent to college students


I miss the part that was a flipped. Sold for 950K in November then back on the market in 3 weeks.


Upper level of the house is for rent at $3950/mo.



Buyer didn’t care about the unlucky double 4’s…


buyer maybe not a chinese, i would not buy it


Maybe that’s why they get only 1.15 instead of 1.208 that they were looking for.


Wow >1M for that garbage…


Man, kinda harsh, no???


3 yrs ago, the house across my street post on sale in daly city i think for around 650k. I went to open house that sunday and check it out. man , it’s a POS, 10 times worse than this. I was thinking who the hell’s going to buy this POS. Then i think a chinese family bought it(2 mid-old lady). Fast forward to now… Man that’s a steal… haha