Defeat Prop 10: Strict Rent Control, Housing Freeze, Economy Freeze and Frozen Tech


How about outsourcing to Mexico. Tell the homeless they are getting a free Mexican vacation


that’s racist.



Is that subsidized by taxpayer money? Talk about double whammy…


Where is the tariff tax collected? How much is it?

“Officials said the aid would be delivered in three ways: Direct assistance, for producers of soybeans, cotton, dairy, corn and hogs; a food purchase program under which the government will buy surpluses of beef, legumes and other products; and a trade promotion program.”


Food production in this country is a mess. Over 50% of food grown ends up in a landfill producing methane which is the most harmful green house gas there is. It’s 30x more powerful than CO2 which environmentalist constantly want to regulate.


Vacancy tax proposed in Oakland. $6000 vacancy tax for single family house or vacant lot.

If a poor owner can’t afford the vacancy tax, the vacant property will be confiscated by government


So it begins…


Communists and thieves


will democrat start arresting us landlord and make us kneel on street and hang a sign on our chest?


Source of all these evils is rent control.

No on Prop 10


Tech should buy all BA real estate and make government impudent


With Prop 10, SF can eventually become 100% owner occupied.

You can sell a 100 unit building to 100 owners, each owning a unit, as TIC. SF bans condo conversion, but they can not ban 100 people buying a 100 unit building then all live there as owners.

When it’s 100% owner occupied, perhaps people can vote to end rent control.

Will this take 5 generations?


TIC with 100 parties? Might be difficult to organize.


You can buy a 100 unit building, then sell fractional ownership one unit at a time.

It’s almost like a condo, just no separate title legally. This is the way to defeat the condo conversion ban.

There is something called co-op in NYC, not sure whether it’s the same thing.


Don’t worry some dirt bag supervisor will come up with a a law to make it illegal


That’s impossible. How do they do that? Forbid multiple people from buying a multi family building together? That’s going to be anti human and unconstitutional


Don’t bet against the stupidity and hatred of capitalism in the Bd of Stupes


Banning condo conversion is a land use policy. Is there anyway to prevent city government from banning condo conversion?


Is there anyway to ban city government. I think we need to send in Federal troops.