Defeat Prop 10: Strict Rent Control, Housing Freeze, Economy Freeze and Frozen Tech


All the newest high rises in downtown SJ are apartments. I’ve only seen 1 new condo building in Seattle. It’s all apartments.


This is why Seattle developers are building apartments, not condos

New Condos Selling In A Matter Of Weeks In Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley condo pricing has increased in the double digits and time on the market is at an all-time low of about two weeks. There is an ongoing shortage of new condos in the region following years of apartment development, and some developers are starting to shift toward condo projects.

don’t be like manch, now is interpreted as 8 years ago. new = from less than 1 year ago, not 8 years ago.


It was only 2 years ago when a flood of new apartments opened in SJ and no condos (at least not downtown or along N 1st street). I wonder where they are building condos now, because there’s not much vacant land left in those areas.


Condo or apartment, the decision was made 10 years ago due to the long cycle for government entitlement approval.

Too many apartments during the condo shortage, and too many condos when there’s an apartment shortage. Government is the expert to make demand NOT meet supply. How lovely your government is when he plays the market around


Could be different definition of condos and apartments from Singapore :slight_smile:
For example, I thought Santa Clara Square is called condos but they refer to it as luxury apartments. With so many facilities, still called apartments,



Condo = all units are owned by someone
Apartment = 1 person/'company owns all the units and rents them


I see, then hardly any new condos :slight_smile: In Singapore, the definition is not based on ownership, is the availability of facilities.



Most new apartments finished now or recently started work may be 10 years ago. That’s right after the housing meltdown. Back then most people didn’t want to buy houses and apartments were the sure moneymakers.

Not anymore. We will see more condos being built.


Only when there’s a condo glut and no buyers


More help coming…


The state NAACP’s 28-member executive committee voted in May to oppose Prop. 10. Huffman said the group agreed with arguments that allowing stricter forms of rent control would discourage housing construction and therefore hurt low-income tenants.

No Prop 10



Got a mail from @BAGB’s accomplices. No, I don’t have any passion for or against Prop 10…


You are passionate or about to become passionate if you post on social media about it.

The first step is to undertand the issue and engage in conversations


If you own rentals, how can you not be against it?


I am against it, but no passion to share, unlike @BAGB.


You are against Prop 10 strongly, but don’t want to spend time to work on it. Is it a fair statement?

You can donate instead


Last time I checked the Anti Prop 10 camp already has tons of money compared to the For camp. If that amount can’t defeat it money is clearly not the issue.

I’ve donated to the anti Trump people instead.


You donate to this genius?

Donating anti-Trump is asking for socialism to take your wealth and redistribute it.


Tom billionaire doesn’t need your money.

Prop 10 is very critical and it really needs money because most people have no idea about Costa Hawkins Act. Even a rich landlord does not know what is Costa Hawkins Act.

Prop 10 is way more scary than Trump :rofl: