Defeat Prop 10: Strict Rent Control, Housing Freeze, Economy Freeze and Frozen Tech


Bernie always talked out of his ass…millienials don’t care about the details…It is all about feeling good.


Cortez is just the far left of the Dems and not at all representative of the party. I can handpick lots of right wing nut jobs to make the Reps look like Nazis but I won’t. You know and I know they are not representative of the boarder party.


Time to give them your entire paycheck. :smile:


The Democratic party of CA supports prop10…That is communist…Cant get any more extreme left…


That’s fine. Vote for Dems at national level and for Reps at state level. That’s what I plan to do.

Both are extremes.


Cortez wants everything free for her peeps…doesn’t know or care who pays…Free shit attracts votes…


Cortez appeals to her district in Bronx. I don’t see that having wide appeal. Media and the right wing likes to make a big deal out of her to scare people. Bernie has been a commie for decades, and he wasn’t even a Democrat before he ran for president.


Bernie drove the Dems into the leftist ditch…He despised Hillary and moderates…But now the progressive lefty socialists own the party…Watch them commit suicide again with canidates like Harris and Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren…


Nah. Watch the blue wave drown out the Reps. :ocean:

Trump is the best gift to the Dems.


Some prominent dems have called her the future of the party. The DNC chair himself said it.

Reps won 8/9 special elections. Trump endorsed candidates went 5/5 in primaries. I guess some people call winning 1/9 a blue wave.


A few special elections were really close, much closer than predicted. I think there’s a blue wave, question is whether a wave in the pool or a wave in the lake or ocean

Blue flood? Blue blizzard?


Blue wave could be a little disappointing if the poll is not fake science.

This is from a GOP strategist, don’t blindly believe her, read carefully instead. You are adequately warned. (I don’t have an opinion on blue wave strength because I care about Prop 10 more than this :rofl:)

“ A Rasmussen Poll shows that the generic ballotnow only favors Democrats by 4 points — well within the margin of error. Compare that to the generic ballot earlier this year that had Democrats ahead by a whopping 15 points. (Note: Before Democrats dismiss Rasmussen as being a Republican-leaning firm, it is important to point out that Rasmussen was one of only three polling organizations that called the 2016 presidential election accurately).

The point is that Democrats should be doing better than they are at this midpoint, given the intensity of their distaste for President Donald Trump”


Socialism isn’t the fringe of the Democratic Party. It’s the core.


Socialism has destroyed blue wave. GOP will keep the Congress as a penalty to the leftist move.

This socialism move has caused Democratic advantage from 15 points to only 4 now. All Democrats have to stand up to socialism and save the blue wave!

No to Prop 10

No to socialism and leftist extremists

When the midterm election is over, I think democrats will clean up the house and get rid of socialists from their party. The Democratic Socialist Party has no place in the great Democratic Party

Another copycat. This Democratic Socialists party heavily exploits women voters. Were women the key factor in communism movement 100 years ago?


Socialists have reduced the blue wave in the Pacific Ocean to a blue wave in Lake Tahoe. :disappointed_relieved:


The socialists elected Trump…Great job Bernie. What a great American … total piece of shit…Just like Nader elected Bush…socialists actually hate the Democrats, like I used to be, more than Republicans


California’s local governments already have too many incentives not to create new housing, and too many tools to block it. The result is a massive housing shortage and rising housing prices and rents.

And a new statewide ballot initiative to make it easier for local governments to control rents.

The logic of Prop 10 amounts to this: the disease – local tools to discourage housing –will somehow cure the disease of costly housing.

That logic has the feel of illogic.

Rent control has a long history of driving up rents and housing costs in two ways. It discourages the construction and creation of new units. And by artificially lowering rents in one place, it drives up rents nearby.

There are other reasons to be skeptical of the initiative, including its proponent the Los Angeles-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which has an aggressive (some would say bullying) leadership that recently pursued an ill-conceived anti-growth measure in Los Angeles.

The question, as yet unanswered by Prop 10 advocates, is why their measure wouldn’t simply make things worse.


AIDs Healthcare Foundation wants extreme anti-growth policy to reduce new construction, but at the same wants strict rent control.

What’s their real intention? Create a manmade artificial social unrest and destroy the golden state to somehow benefit their political ambitions?


Why does an AIDS foundation care so much about housing and rent control?


They have many RE rentals :slight_smile: