Defeat Prop 10: Strict Rent Control, Housing Freeze, Economy Freeze and Frozen Tech


Berkeley is it’s own little island :smiley:
I said majority (of cities / counties) won’t pass it (not that all wouldn’t). You will need to understand the underlying demographics as with any investment and be prepared to move out or double down as the ground changes under you\


That is not the Chinese way. My task is to get them a wife and then born sons :slight_smile:


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We have different requirements. Turnover is expensive when houses are under PMed.


I won’t report you to DOJ :rofl:

But over time, the scenario can happen.

Once a policy is not neutral, it will create a lot of conflicts. Over time, it will become extreme.

One example, I just gave a prediction which you don’t like. This minor conflict has resulted a threat of voting for Prop 10. If I continue to eacatate this coflict for 20 years, it would be unimaginable what you will do :joy:

The best public policy is to be neutral and minimize conflict among the population. This is my #1 criteria to judge a policy.


In a local race in my neck of the woods, I got a mailer sponsored by the National Association of Realtors endorsing a far left (IMHO) candidate who supports Prop 10.

Confused the heck outta me!


Chinese says no sons is not filial piety. Every other things can be forgiven. No son is the worst.


Are you putting pressure on @wuqijun?


Don’t buy property in Democratic districts, el Dorado county is safe, McClintock country


We have to fight back in the whole state. We will fight for a neutral policy in order to have a long term good outcome for everyone.

People are not stupid. Those few bad manipulators will get defeated sooner or later.

The manipulators always use the divide and conquer strategy to make us fight with each other to benefit the manipulators. They would tax you to reward me one year. And then rob you to pay me a few years later. They don’t really care about you and me, they want to rip off both of us.


No pressure. I’m the antithesis of filial piety. I want the US government to send my parents away to internment camps like what happened to the Japanese so that I can reliquish my financial obligation towards them.

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I keep hearing you say what prop 10 will do. Prop 10 only returns control to local cities. It doesn’t do anything else. if you say it does, include a link to a believable source to prove it,


UC Berkeley economist warns that repealing the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act would worsen the state’s housing shortage.

Prop 10 would repeal Costa Hawkins, it would remove the safety measure on vacancy control and allow rent control on single family house and condos. Prop 10 also would allow rent control on new constructions.