Defeat Prop 10: Strict Rent Control, Housing Freeze, Economy Freeze and Frozen Tech


The problem is that the bay area is waaaaay too left crazy “out there”. So if prop 10 passes and gives control to local “way left crazy” cities to enact whatever rent control ordinance they wish, then places like SF and Berkeley will instantly go bezerk.

General California is a mix of right, left, and middle voters. That’s why I support Costa-Hawkins — as a state law, it moderates the worst instincts of the leftists here in SF / Berkeley by requiring buy-in from the CA population of 40 million, versus 750K “crazies” in SF alone, for instance.


Simply, No on Prop 10.

No more no less. Just a No.

We need to let more people know that Prop 10 is bad. Too little time is left for academic discussions.

Regular homeowner Jane and Joe need to pay attention to Prop 10. But they might have no heard of it yet


Massachusetts has a ban on all forms of rent control. Washington has it too.

California’s Casta Hawkins is a very mild rent control limitation. It’s the minimum we need to have.

Housing policy at the city level is a disaster. We should have a statewide housing policy to prevent racists from using housing policy to decide who can live in a particular city.

Look at Santa Monica. It’s been using its rent control policy to exclude Hispanic, black and Asian population. Its 78% white population speaks too much of the racism of rent control.

Vote No on Prop 10 to combat White Supremacy, friends :joy:

Once white people occupy a city, they can implement extreme rent control to deprive the new immigrants of the opportunity to live in that city. Prop 10 is anti immigration by design.

Vote Yes on Prop 10 is to support White Supremacy, anti-immigration. Extremely immoral and unethical :rofl:


Rent control unfairly hurts low income tenants. African Americans are against Prop 10.

Prop 10 is racism and anti immigration.


All rent control should be banned like in Massachusetts


Uh, Yes on Prop 5 and No on Prop 10…


No On Prop 10.

Remember to vote. You can still register


Don’t worry, I am taking care of my wife’s and my mail-in ballot on Monday when I am off work again.


3 day weekend!


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The main driver for Prop 10 is the Democratic Socliaists of America party. In addition to push for Prop 10, they also want to abolish profit, provide federal job guarantee. They may follow Marxism, but I am not sure since they did not publicly promote Marxism yet.

Last week I went to Berkeley. Saw many posters near campus about revolution and communism. They have many branches in California now.

If DSA will take over US, should we flee to Canada?


DSA On Marxism

107 votes and 94 comments so far on Reddit



Karl Marx is personally responsible for the murder of over 100m people. He is more evil than Hitler


Now I understand. More than 2 years ago, one of my coworkers told us that he thinks that Karl Marx is a genius. I thought he was joking.

Omg, he was already a DSA member 2 years ago!!! He makes a good income and probably between 24-28. His income should be top 5% for his age group.


The DSA should be declared a terrorist organization


Marxism is a political speech. So it’s protected by the constitution, right? They have the right to promote Marxism.

This is why I think college enrollment should be cut by 75%. Only the top students can go to college to get professional training, all others should go to work in healthcare, senior care, retail and construction to do useful labor instead of being brainwashed by Marxism.


Marxism promises free shit to everyone. Who does not like free shit? It is natural to become Marxist, of course until your parents cut you off and you have to work and pay taxes.


Abolition of capitalism is the goal of DSA. They want an economy run by workers or the state.

Bernie Sanders is officially a DSA memeber.

Here is a vox primer


Who will paying those workers salaries?


It’s going to be like Cuba and North Korea. State controlled economy and everyone gets paid by the government.