Defeat Prop 10: Strict Rent Control, Housing Freeze, Economy Freeze and Frozen Tech


I would imagine that very few Jewish people face eviction and have a homelessness concern. But many Jewish politicians are passionate about rent control. Are they very idealistic?


Why not. They are here under the safety of the us. Israel is creating war in their eyes, and using disproportionate force.

American jews are that… americans. Most of them gave up on or didnt care about zionism anyway.


That is true. A lot of Chinese Americans also hate China :smile:


Yah. My wife has run into a lot of that. Makes her have an opinion that if you are not mainland born, you are not Chinese.


Some mainland born ones are the ones who hate it the most.


I have a friend who is chinese american, but she bought a house in north la, citing cupertino and south la has a lot of chinese people :slight_smile:


Quite a few ABCs don’t like mainland Chinese folks


Yes, some Chinese Americans also only want to live with white people. They don’t like to live in Chinatown.


I came across this amusing verse, here for your enjoyment:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Has just wandered off of the rez
She couldn’t find Gaza
With the help of La Raza
But is not a Jew-baiter—she says!




If you grew up here it’s natural you pick up the mainstream opinion here. Left or right Americans are mostly ignorant of the rest of the world and think too highly of themselves.


These are worse than renegades, they are Michael Jackson wannabes


Just what percentage of Americans even have a valid passport?


Average Americans don’t know anything outside America, some don’t even know anything outside their small towns.


The knowledge level is so asymmetrical. My mom in HK knows the names of the Federal Reserve head and Speaker of the House. How many Americans know both? Less than 1% I bet.


Because your mom is an old lady who is infatuated with a good looking politician. That’s why she knows both names.


American media is shallow and less informational, especially TV. They repeat the same thing all day long.

Another reason is that USA is the superpower for a long time. People don’t care about the world unless there is oil there


No my Mom knows them because they affect her stock portfolio. :smile:




My mother in law in Russia loves Putin and thinks Trump is cute. I prefer Americans’ opinions.