Defeat Prop 10: Strict Rent Control, Housing Freeze, Economy Freeze and Frozen Tech


Are guns an obstacle to rent control? I guess they will take away guns first then take away your property rights


Gun owners don’t like government taking away rights. Are conservatives and not interested in liberal ideas like rent control.


At the start of this forum, you said you would buy 1 house per year. Are you still doing that? Or you have poured all investing dollars into stocks?


Singapore has similar.


In BA, rent in rent controlled neighborhoods such as MV, and buy rentals in non rent controlled neighborhoods such as Sunnyvale🤔


No I no longer do that. Stocks have more options. I have both US and HK REIT’s. They give me exposure to real estate I can’t get into by myself. I may still buy a house here and there but stocks is it for now.


Are we officially a stock forum now?


We are a stock forum as much as it’s a politics forum. :smile: we talk whatever we want.


We are food forum, stock forum, and god damn prop 10 forum.


As far as food. I went too the Star hotel In Elko. Great basque food . Good and cheap. Best French fries on the planet. Worth the 8 hour drive from the BA.
Steaks the size of a toilet seat. Including all you can eat sides. Soup salad beans bread fries. $20-40. Five dollar drinks.


That does not sound appetizing at all.


Elko should change name to Elmo.


You have to be a cowboy to eat that much. I had prawns done Spanish style with garlic and paprika. Best ever.
The Basque restaurants in SF are not nearly as good or generous. Many have gone out of business.


Building in small towns where there’s small population. Is it just a housing upgrade for local folks?


Nevada is the fastest growing state in America and Elko is the third fastest growth area in the state. Californians will flock there. Reno has gotten expensive.


What’s driving elko’s growth? It’s a surprising development


Elko is in the middle of nowhere. If you want cheap housing and no state income taxes might as well move to Texas or Florida.


Don’t forget Washington. If you want middle of nowhere, there’s South Dakota.


Can I open an Asian themed casino (mah jong, pai gow, etc) with legal asian brothel there? Could be a winner…


Washington is probably not cheap enough though, unless you are talking about places like Spokane.