Definition Of Idiots: SF Board Of Supervisors + DA


Jane, you ignorant sl*t…


Sir, I knew Dan Akroyd. Dan Akroyd was my friend. And you, sir, are no Dan Akroyd! :grin:


Do you think the homeless people in the park care about the shadow?


We want a tan just like Dragonboy got from the Caribbean!!!

Yours Truly (really…yours…truly…forever…if we can help it)

The Street People


Um, Stupes, why don’t you focus on the real issues of the Fab 7x7???

If the Giants can profit by essentially renting out AT&T to the Raiders for just a year, why not? Oakland is our sister city??? No way!!!



Bye, bye Jane… just go, Jane…


I wonder why they didn’t flag your posting for the vulgarity? :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Oh, I forgot! It was liked by those who flag me for the truth. Right?


You are obviously not a fan of SNL (Saturday Night Live)… that line was made famous by Dan Akkroyd(?) in character…


Pardon me!
I just follow the script of when they flag my truthful topics “they find offensive”, which I know is BS, just the hypocrites not being able to swallow they are the PC crew they used to berate big time.

Other than that, keep insulting the supervisors, they are doing fine, elected by other stupid people, right? :laughing:

Don’t worry, I am always teasing everybody on this forum. Don’t take it personal, it’s my trait. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Life is too short, why wasting it on flagging what you can’t stand. :wink:


Great, more leadership at odds…


Great, this newbie is going to be really, really productive on an already really, really productive Bored of Stupidvisors…



I suppose not a half bad idea, but why not expand on it and consider allowing conversion of commercial retail space to residential housing??? (Brains exploding all over the Fab 7x7…)


Well, duh???


Need to add Neighbors On Lombard Street to title now…