Definition Of Idiots: SF Board Of Supervisors + DA


That is a big mystery to me too. The only thing O can attribute that to —- only book smart and no real world experience with making any money.


Here’s something i lifted from reddit that describes the law profession pretty well:


Ok that sucks big time. Too much stress.


Be afraid of him. Manch was born elsewhere but he seems to be at the same camp as Mar. Maybe Manch understands these leftists :rofl:

Gordon Mar is a longtime Bay Area social justice organizer and activist. He currently serves as Executive Director of Jobs with Justice San Francisco, a strategic alliance of community and labor groups working together to build the economic justice movement locally and nationally. Gordon has previously served as director of the Chinese Progressive Association (San Francisco), the Northern California Citizenship Project and the Bay Area Environmental Healthy Collaborative. He and his family live in San Francisco.[1]

He is the twin brother of Eric Mar, and the brother of Warren Mar.


In 1989 Gordon Mar , and Karega Hart, contributed an article "Aftermath of the “89 quake” to the League of Revolutionary Struggle’s UnityOctober 16, 1989”


See, @BAGB, all Moderates are pissed at Katy Tang…

Shades of Ed Jew???



Twitter tax break will be gone next year. How much will it affect the tech companies in SF? Will it force some companies to relocate? Which city would benefit from the exodus?

“Another issue will be the “Twitter tax break,” which lured tech companies to the city with a payroll tax break in 2011 and has been cited by some as a reason for the San Francisco’s soaring housing prices and traffic problems. It’s set to expire next year, but the board could renew it.

With a progressive-majority board, “there is a less than zero chance that that would go anywhere,” political analyst Jim Stearns said. “That thing is deader than dead.””


SF has the best transit for employers. If companies want to relocate or new companies like to consider alternative location, will they choose Oakland over San Mateo county?


Come on, at this point isn’t the Fab 7x7 pretty self-sustaining when it comes to attracting tech? As long as startups got some seed money, they will come and give it a try. Everyone thinks they are special and sustainable of course…


SF is now controlled by lestists. If they continue to come up all sorts of business taxes to build houses for the homeless and low income people, companies can relocate. The problem with Oakland is that it might do the same as SF. I think companies would be better off to be located in San Mateo county and bus the employees from SF.


At some point, even the left of the Left has to understand that if you kill the Golden Goose, you will put yourself and your constituents in a world of hurt. Think about it, where would all that wonderful money to help the homeless and mentally ill come from?


In their mind, tech caused the homeless problem with their high incomes and gentrification. They think the city would be better off without the tech companies. I’m sure they’ll end up getting their wish.


Tech is not going anywhere. See that huge tower with the Batman light on top? Too many tech companies have huge leases and we all know everyone wants a presence in the Fab 7x7.



Welcome, Idiots!!!


Sure, give me my money back…


Peskin produced over 200 city ordinances in 8 years as a supervisor.

Once S.F. has over a million ordinances, I can’t imagine how businesses and people will survive.




God help us. You never want to give Progressives a fat check to spend…never!!!


The big issue is they rarely spend it on one-time things. They usually create programs that increase spending long-term.