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Geez, time to buy in San Mateo???

When will hi-tech firms offer degree courses?

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Now San Mateo, Belmont, Burlingame, Foster City are way higher than Cupertino, Sunnyvale…

Shhhhhhhh!, Redwood City is the best place to buy !! NO NO NO, I leaked message, sorry, I am wrong…

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But, our own elt1 (hold RE forever) sold in RWC. How do we reconcile the contraindicator?

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San mateo seems to have a number of good looking schools. But I’ve never met anyone in person who went to them, so haven’t been able to find out what the locals think.


Unfortunately, everyone knows about RWC now. It has really raised its stature recently as a very desirable place to live and work. My lil sis was smart to buy there in Emerald Hills. At the time, I believe she paid 900K or so and we were going yikes. No more. House is easily 1.5M if not more.

San Mateo I really like too. We go down there often for the restaurants. Ramen Dojo is probably one of the best ramen shops around here.

Royalty really goes to elt1 on Emerald Hills. Last week, I drove in Emerald Hills, I understand its value !

Do you guys use actual data or quote from media? I seldom read media.

12 Northview Way Emerald Hills CA 94062, 3Br/3Ba 2564 on 8973 asking for $1.798 mil. Year built 1947.
10217 S Tantau Ave Cupertino CA 95014, 4Br/2Ba 2271 on 9375 asking for $1.89995 mil. Year built 1949.

Cupertino VS RWC, Cupertino is better. Long term growth of Emerald hills are better as this is squeezed in between high-end locations. RWC is the only place you can have affordable deals while other places are high prices.


  1. Cupertino VS Belmont
  2. Cupertino VS Burlingame
  3. Cupertino VS San Mateo
  4. Cupertino VS Foster City

The locations west of 101 Hwy are really strong than east of 101 Hwy. IIRC, west of 280 is far better in value, esp flat buildable lands in hillside.

Cupertino fails to win them now.

When the market falls, I am hoping Cupertino wins (I really do not know)

I don’t monitor those places but have always thought San Mateo is more expensive than Cupertino. Using Redfin, glances through the prices of the houses in San Mateo, they are about the same as Cupertino/ West San Jose/ West side of Sunnyvale. Using Zillow, the rate of appreciation is also about the same… West side of Sunnyvale climbs faster. Prices in certain neighborhoods of San Mateo is really cheaper… bad neighborhood?

Yes, especially east of 101 hwy

Emerald Hills is undervalued. .The low walk score hurts…A lot of people dont like windy narrow steep roads…Keeps Belmont affordable too…But Emerald hills has much better weather and bigger lots…more elbow room…

I sold in Emerald hills to enjoy the Tahoe lifestyle…Some things are more important than investments and money…Still own in Oakland and Discovery Bay…Been looking at housing in France…lots of bargains in the French country side… .Foix near the Med and Spain has great deals under $500k…even small places under $100k…I know a bit of French and am now 7% fluent in Spanish, according to my online course…Europe is a bargain right now. …Going to Croatia in October…will check the local market. .Driving from Venice to Dubrovnik. …sailing for a week on a charter sail boat…off season hopefully no crowds…

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San Mateo doesn’t have bad neighborhoods…Just less desirable ones…I bought and flipped in Shoreview in 2010…Bought one for $375…now worth $800k…neighborhood is changing scjools are improving. …area was hit hard in 2008…lots of foreclosures. .Flipped 2 houses there, worked there for a few months got to know the neighbors. …I really like the area…close to good resturants the bay beaches the airport SF …just very modest bungalows that need work…still a great opportunity for flippers…

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Redwood City has gotten expensive. .Terri should have bought just about anything. .This house is double what is was worth in 2009…Modest house on a very busy street

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You can stop picking on me now. Thanks.

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Terri wanted to buy all the time, she just couldn’t get her husband to agree on anything until it was too late.


yeah :unamused:

We should get Terri’s husband on the forum and gang on him…

LOL… Too late for that unfortunately.