Designer $8.4 Million Home Returns

Looking good! :heart_eyes:

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Obviously nice, but does this fit in the “old money”, architectural style that is Palo Alto? I am sure the longtimers are not so thrilled with it.

Manch, now is your chance to get a trophy!

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Come on…

Need a couple more zeros behind my net worth. :cry:

Too modest. One more would be quite sufficient.

Beautiful home, but not a fan of spiral staircase.

:heart_eyes: If I had to live in Palo Alto, it would be here… The spiral staircase is elegant, though it doesn’t offer the kind of views you can get in SF like this one (brought up by a SS poster) on Billionaires Row and sold to crazy rich Asian American Jensen Huang of Nvidia:

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I don’t really like this house even if I can afford it. Is it considered a good design?

Why did Jensen buy a house in SF? He’d better work his butt off cause my NVDA shares had not been moving much lately. :rage:

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He took advantage of your dumb investor money to enrich his own pocket.

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Uh, because he’s smart???

Redfin listing of the house:

The spiral staircase is an easy way of saying “I’m rich b*tch, this sh1t is custom! No home depot supplies in here”.

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Is it? Is it expensive to do? Never knew.

Oh really? Something a peasant will never understand…

Something for @tomato after he hit L7.

Better way of saying “I’m rich bitch”: just show people your 8 digit networth. Something you can do easily on this forum. :wink:

Real rich people don’t show off their wealth…right Screamer-in-Chief??

He disagrees. But I agree! :rofl: