Dishwasher broke--advise me on a new one


My dishwasher is broken. I mean, it works, except that it’s not shutting the heating element off after it’s done washing. I HAD NO IDEA a dishwasher could break in the “on” position that way. Glad it didn’t burn the house down.

So advise me on buying a new one! What do you like about yours? What do you not like? What brand do you have? Etc.


KitchenAid i love


I always buy bosch :slight_smile:


I recently updated mine to Bosch 800.


  1. Super qiuet. No problem in running it at night. You should look at red light to see if it is running or not.
  2. Nice design
  3. A flexible 3rd rack on top

Sometimes, we find that dishes are not dried completely.


It always happen in winter :slight_smile:


Just look at Home Depot, I recently ordered through them, they will have installation+accessories+haul away bundle. Order it, schedule, you will be fine.

Dish washer, quietness is important, but well known brands like Bosch and see the DB (decibel) ratings.


I’ve lived without one now for over 30 years. The house I bought last year is nice and all but doesn’t have a dishwasher. Everyone I know laughed at that (DUDE! Over half an acre with killer views, hardwood floors, nice garage, a finished out basement but you STILL don’t own a dishwasher!?!). I don’t plan on getting one. More trouble than they are worth IMHO. Especially if you have a small set of go-to dishes you tend to use at every meal. Even growing up we always used to grab favorites out of dishwasher and hand wash them because my mom was a believer in “never run until it’s full” and that was too long to wait.


I think that can work for some people. But we’re a family of 5 that eats dinner together, so we run 1-2 loads a day always full.


I installed a Bosch when I remodeled the kitchen in the house I bought 4 years ago. It has been great! Quiet, no spots, dries well. And I also like the third shelf at the top.

Cons - the cycle does take a long time. But since I usually run it before going to bed it’s a non issue. The only other problem is my housekeeper doesn’t realize the third shelf is there so she never unloads it when she’s cleaning the house… :smile:


I went with a Whirlpool and it’s good but loud. As most people here have suggested, if I had to do it again, I’d go with a Bosch. You could get a gently dinged Bosch at lowe’s or home depot on clearance.


Bosch 800 at home. Pros mentioned by others above.

However, it did break down once(some motor conked out) & I spent $200 to get it fixed(almost 25% of the buying price). Since then I run the bosch dishwasher cleaner every six months to keep it clean.


Speaking of appliances


Bosch??? I didn’t know there are so many rich snobs on this forum showing off their fancy dishwasher… my stainless steel Whirlpool works just fine and I recently got the same one for my tenant too… :rofl:


Oh come now. If they were really rich snobs, they’d have a real person washing their dishes. :slight_smile:

There are some tools that are worth the extra money.


Mine is also Bosch and you always make fun of me for being poor. :wink:


You are not poor. You are just an exploitative landlord who thinks he deserves a better dishwasher than his tenant :slight_smile:


Bosch is for the plebes. Miele is nicer than Bosch. :wink: :slight_smile: My tenants get Bosch. :wink:


All top 11 dish washers on CR are Bosch though :innocent:


Yeah. It’s the same as Tesla. Consumer reports looks at cars not as luxury goods, but as every day vehicles. That’s why consumer reports does not rank Tesla highly particularly with respect to reliability. If you look at dishwashers is a luxury good, then Miele is good. If you don’t care about Dishwashers other than utility, then follow consumer reports. If you have an already stylish kitchen with really nice casework like Siematic or Poggenpohl or Henrybuilt, or something like that, then you probably will not be going with consumer reports’ recommendation.


Then don’t tell me you have Miele while your tenants only get Bosch… that would make you an exploitative landlord just like @manch.