Dishwasher broke--advise me on a new one


Let them eat cake! :birthday:


CR ranks the dishwashers on various different criteria. The other criterion(other than Reliability & Owner satisfaction) are Washing, Drying, Energy use, noise. Bosch is higher than Miele not only on reliability.

CR once ranked Model S at 100 or 99(can’t remember exactly) out of 100 max score. Now that reliability is down the overall points are down

Model 3 they have given it 77 points overall and it’s 2nd after Audi A4(Btw I own both now, but I prefer Model 3 :slight_smile: ).

CR has cars/sedans classified by various categories such as

  • Subcompact cars
  • Compact cars
  • Midsized cars
  • Large cars
  • Luxury entry-level cars
  • Luxury compact cars
  • Luxury midsized cars
  • Ultra luxury cars

SUVs, Wagons have different categorization.



Ok. @Roy321 - Bosch it is then!

In my ownership, I’ve had 5 Bosch DWs. I have never been satisfied with with their quietness nor rack configuration.

Perhaps things have changed since the last time I bought a DW 7 years ago. Now where’s that :birthday:?


:slight_smile: :cake: cake it is then! @aalj


You certainly had your tenant’s cake and ate it too… :rofl:


Agreed!!! But come on now. The REALLY rich snobs don’t have their dishes washed. The REALLY rich snobs just consider all dishes disposable. :flushed:


The really rich ones don’t even need dishes… they get all their nutrients from transfusing blood of young people to keep them forever young like Peter Thiel.


Paper dishes may be more environmentally friendly than all the water and electricity wasted in washing ceramic dishes.

Or you can eat pizza everyday. You only need your hands. :smile:


I’m sure a Bosch wastes more water and electricity than a lesser model, so if you care about the environment all you need to do is downgrade :slight_smile:


Or just eat biryani every day w your hands? :smiley_cat:


Actually the European brands are all significantly more economical than the American brands due to 1) lack of a heating element (condensation drying) and 2) lack of a noisy food grinder.


I gave Manch an option to save the environment but you just want him to go down to bare bones. Fine. He can just throw away his dishwasher and eat his pizza all day long… :rofl:


Only rich people can afford to care about the environment. I am not there yet. :cry:

Make sure you guys do my share too. :smile:


I’m making my pizza dough as we speak… :rofl:


So regarding Bosch vs. Miele, what are the pros/cons?


Bosch: for snobs
Miele: for snobs who think they are better than other snobs

Both are good for exploitative landlords who think they deserve better than their tenants


Suffering from Bosch envy? Just buy a dozen to get over it. Give one to every one of your long suffering tenants. :smile:


I don’t really suffer from Bosch envy… I had to buy one every time I flip a house I actually suffer from Bosch overload…


Dishwashers are luxuries. Use yo hands :upside_down_face:


Like every self respecting Asian I use my Bosch dishwasher as drying racks only. I wash by hand. :smile: