Dishwasher broke--advise me on a new one


Why do you have to perpetuate stereotypes that hurt yourself…

I use my dishwasher 3 times a day and I turn it on even if there’s no dish in there to wash… :rofl:


They are actually pretty similar these days. Years ago, Miele was the only brand that offered third cutlery rack but these days everyone has copied it now.


Not only that but by the time you load and unload hands are quicker and less work. Plus, us rich snobs with nice old dishes that have been in the family for more than a generation don’t want the finishes damaged by dishwasher heat.


I have to agree, that’s much more snobby than the Bosch-owning snobs… :rofl:


Why bother wash at all? Let the pets lick it clean…


Basket vs. Tray? For those who have both in their lives, which did you prefer?

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You guys don’t know shzz. Let me teach u. Put a saran wrap on the dish before u put food on. Once done Throw away the saran wrap. No need to wash😄


Make sure not to ingest those pet fleas :face_vomiting:


Tray is 1000000000x better than basket. It simplifies unloading the DW. Just check out the picture — with one hand motion you can (excuse me, your servant :slight_smile: ) scoop up all the forks and put them back in the drawer … no need to align them all w/ the same orientation before doing so.

Now imagine if you use chopsticks regularly. The tray is a godsend for putting in 30 pairs of chopsticks.

From the responses on this forum, it seems to me that most of these people, even if they own a dishwasher, are not the ones personally loading / unloading the dishwashers day in and day out. Screen your feedback wisely. :slight_smile:


Pets are luxuries too. Lick it clean yo self :smile:


That’s what the homeless are for. :smile:


Maybe you can also wipe your ass with it, can save toilet paper money too…


Save your toilet paper money but increase your medical bill. Wow that sounds like a great idea.


No need to waste money on that, will heal itself after you throw up a couple times :rofl:


You guys are awful!!!


Eat once in 2 weeks. Save on food and dish cleaning.


Any dishwasher with Alexa integration?


Make sure you get it for your tenant first before getting one for yourself otherwise you are just an immoral exploitative landlord :rofl:


I am just as exploitative as you are. :wink:


:scream: :rofl: