Dishwasher broke--advise me on a new one


Oops, in that case I would echo the others and go with Bosch. Personally Ive never had problems with them. I had 2 at my last place and they were used quite often, and there is one at home now which I never use. It didn’t dry the dishes totally so thats why I don’t even use it as a drying rack. In fact I almost forgot about it until I read your post. It has the hidden panel so it just disappears into the cabinets.


I haven’t done any research. I figured everyone else here had, and I was here to pick brains. :slight_smile:

That said, the amount of time I’ve spent on these forums is worth way more than $1K. And yet I’m still here… And so are you… Why not discuss dishwashers right now rather than Mr. Bezos’s penis? This is after all a real estate forum



Difference is I’m not fretting about wasting $1K on an appliance and I’d care less about Dr. Evil’s penis :slight_smile:

Bottom line: Savings are limited, earnings are not.


I’m not fretting either. Now back to work with you… :stuck_out_tongue:


Wanna play ping pong? :slight_smile:


Which grip?



Shakehands grip for grand slam.


penhold feels more comfortable to me


I believe most China players have migrated to shake hands grip. Pros of shake hands is it is easier to play when away from the table tennis table which most pros do. Also can execute a nasty topspin, don’t have the awkward backhand stroke, and longer reach. Ofc, slam :slight_smile: I called it smash. Btw, I’m an average player at school and now totally forgot how to play but still can talk theory. I am an introvert so my favorite game is Chess :slight_smile: not English chess.


How does backhand looping even work with penhold?!?!




That robot totally looks like an overlord.


Using the same double sided paddle as the shake hand grip, the penhold grip has evolved to be as versatile as the shake hands grip. When I was a teenager, the pad has rubber on one side only and is kind of hard to play backhand.