Dishwasher broke--advise me on a new one


Get too cheaper plastic tub Whirlpool dishwashers. $249 each. Twice the washingpower and quiet compared to stainless tubs. One marketed dirty one clean. Never have to put dishes away. Plus you have double the capacity for parties.


Front control vs. Top control?

Top control seems useful for two things:

  1. Keeping kids from playing with the controls
  2. Looking good.

Anything else? Seems like more of a nuisance to me because I want to see what my washer is doing. But maybe I’m missing something…


I’ll keep that plan in mind when we remodel :slight_smile:


Bump to the top–Front or top controls? Why?


Over analysis leads to paralysis. Your $1K investment might perish prematurely after a few years anyway so it’s no use to over research. Just buy one and start enjoying the benefits.


If you don’t automatically gravitate towards the top-control model then congratulations, you are not aesthetically picky. That’s a blessing. Go with the front control model and be done with it. :slight_smile:


Absolutely need top control. What? You’re willing to spend an extra amount for Bosch but too cheap to upgrade to top control? :thinking:


I don’t think it is much reliability difference (front or top control) except for personal preference.

I would get a Bosch 800 Series - good enough for most primary home use.


Top control is more fashionable. I don’t understand why though. I always worry that the tenant will break the top control dishwasher due to unfamiliarity. Tenant is more suitable for front control.

Even the programmable heat control panel is a challenge for some tenants


I honestly don’t understand why someone would want a top control unless it’s to keep kids from touching it–which I totally understand, but I’m past that stage.

Otherwise, the edges are always something I consider “dirty”. So top control seems gross to me. And I like to see what’s going on without opening the dishwasher. What stage is it in, what’s it set for?


When someone upgraded to toilet paper from the bidet, she might also have not gotten used to that at first. :slight_smile:


That’s exactly what I want to avoid.

Plus I’m not overanalyzing, I’m putting off the decision by posting here. :slight_smile:


That was my point - premature death on your appliance is not something that can be avoided. You can get the exact same model as someone else but the actual useful life will vary.


GE Profile still running strong after 12 years :grinning: Bosch for my tenant only last 7 years!
How well you take care of the dishwasher matters :slight_smile:


Yes but that doesn’t necessarily have to do with brand or model, top or front control, etc.


Agree, just get whatever you’ve used reliably and liked in the past. (My last tenant went through several new appliances in just 2 years. She said she did nothing wrong and it never happened to her before, so maybe she just wasn’t used to the models installed).

In the meantime, have your kids to do their own dishes :slight_smile: it may help to get the ball rolling.


In our rental, two of whatever cheap thing they had went caput in 2 years. I want something other than El Cheapo.

Brands do matter. Some are made better than others.

Harriet, you really don’t have to read this thread. You don’t like dishwashers anyways.


Catfight!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It’s not about dishwashers or not. I would have said the same thing if you were looking to buy a fridge. The amount of time you spent researching for a new appliance could have been used to earn that $1K purchase price instead. All I am saying is you can look for what seemingly appears to be the perfect appliance, but it might still break prematurely and you’d be wasting your efforts, however it looks like I’m the one wasting my efforts on here instead.

Just flagged your comment.


Love that sass. Keep fighting!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: