Ditch SF buy Austin

Double whammy from Trump: war on semis and war on Apple. :scream:

Sam was advocating buying houses in Midwest in the last few years. It may work well, but is the midwestern population increase?

Austin’s population growth is superb so it should do well over the long term. Short term AUSTIN is overvalued.

I was amazed NYC is on the list, since it’s cheaper than the Bay Area. It’s no surprise Seattle and Austin are on the list.

Seem to have listed those tech hubs that have good nightlife and entertainment. Did they interview singles and DINKS?

Tech companies tend to employ people under 30 in large numbers. 1 recruiter can hire 200 college graduates a year. 1 recruiter can only hire 10-20 experienced hires a year. Whoever disrupts the hiring process will make a killing.

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If you buy in Texas check for expansive soil as high water tables. Which can damage your slab floors whether you have a basement or not.
Especially in East Texas like Austin

  1. Civil and structural engineers have a general rule of thumb that says that east of I-35, soils are not favorable for belowground structures. The soils tend to be composed of expansive clays that can put immense stress on foundations and walls as they get wet (swell) and dry again (shrink). Generally speaking, any soil with a plasticity index of over 25 is “expansive soil” - and many parts of Texas have soils with a plasticity index 2–3 times that! These soils are also the reason so many Texas homes have cracked sheetrock, cracked tile and concrete floors, and doors and windows that stick. Over time basement walls will likewise crack due to differential movement in the soils, and lead to the second reason…
  2. Many parts of Texas have very shallow water tables, often due to those same layers of dense, expansive clays that really like to hold onto any water they contact. Get a crack in your basement wall, and the water seepage is not far behind.
  3. Most of Texas is not threatened by tornadoes as frequently or severely as the Great Plains (the infamous Tornado Alley ends right around Lubbock). From a safety standpoint, we don’t need basements very much.
  4. Even east of I-35, basements in large commercial or institutional structures for parking or mechanical equipment are fairly common. These projects typically have a larger budget and can afford to install and
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The hot zip codes are west :crazy_face: of I-35, no :grinning: basements, not near the Colorado River and at higher elevation than Austin Downtown.

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Tiny condo for 150k. Is that far enough from the river? Rent $1050 a month.


Use Apple Maps :slight_smile:
West of I-35.
Of course, far away from Colorado river.

Buy 10 of these and retire?

After accounting for HOA, yield is about the same as SFHs :grinning:

You only need $10k per month for a family of four?

10k per month tax free is the same as 20k before tax.

10 of those give you $10k before tax :grinning:

I see you are onto something :grinning:
Buy small condos/ townhouses for rent.

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better to buy 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom places if you are looking for cashflow and not appreciation. Easier to rent, also tenants will turn over as they move or start a family (good thing to have a reasonable amount of tenant turnover)


The minimum configuration of targeted SFHs in Austin is 3/2/1 (3 bedrooms 2 baths 1 story). Only condos/ townhouses have 1-2 bedrooms.

Ideal for @manch


This Texas capital touts affordable housing — at least compared to San Francisco — and zero state income taxes. The median list price Austin is $399,990, according to Zillow.

By Austin, probably means NW Austin and suburbs. Downtown is not that cheap.

@manch is slow. Pending in 3 days.

How many Austin houses do you have now?

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