DNA of every baby born in california is stored

i hope someone 1. either makes only good uses of it or 2. creates a law to make it unlawful.

Can you determine someone’s IQ by their DNA?

question from a black mirror episode it looks like. there was a movie where people’s professions were almost chosen by their dna. forgot the name. it was scary.

Yes. Theoretically they can alter DNA, hence IQ. Surprisingly the difference in DNA of a genius and an idiot is not much. So we could theoretically create a super human far smarter than ourselves. Is very dark. This super human poses far greater danger to the human species than any AIs.

Why is it dark? Nature is full of crap. I like how we humans can come in and make things better for ourselves.

better for which nation? you can literally make yourself obsolete in that world. you would need to be eliminated as you are a disgrace for society with your now-lower iq?

You assume we can’t tweak people’s DNA to make them smarter? Every advance in medicine is us tweaking nature for our benefits. We used to drop dead by age 20 not too long ago.

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This is actually a good thing because will make it easier to identify criminals. And no I didn’t say that because I’m Asian.

This was news to me. It does say,
that the blood spots cards, stored in the state biobank, are “de-identified.” There is no name or medical information on the card, just the blood spots and a number.

But if IDs are collected along with the DNA, there is still a chance they could be put together again.

The movie I thought of was “Gattaca”

deidentification is vague at best. with sufficient data size, you can start forming relations, and match them with real relations through id system (like american person with persian and italian parents that happen to be in california). this is not good at all.

I agree it’s worrying, since there is not much choice in the matter. :fearful:
With advances in AI technology will come the ability to make any kinds of designer genes, good and bad.

AI has nothing to do with that. The field in question is called “genetic engineering”.

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Ok, I don’t know much but I do believe there are computer applications which can be used for testing/modelling.

Are you saying there are such things as “intelligence” genes?

Yes, there are genes that determine a person’s intellectual ability just like there are genes that determine skin color, height, and athleticism. Pretty much everything about you is already predetermined by your genes.

Hitler was more recent than people dying at 20. Imagine if he had DNA testing and the ability to alter genes. Yes, we eventually won the war, but we are even more pacifist now. How far would it get before we’d intervene to end the reign of a foreign leader?

An oppressive/depressive example i give pretty frequently in this forum:
If hitler had the technology at the time, he’d go on creating biological weapons that targeted specifically jews - using genes that only shows up in jewish population. Given jewish is closer-than-most community when it comes to marriages, this would potentially work. This why technological advancement is not necessarily going to be used for good all the time. And given human tendency to “become dictators”, it’s almost guaranteed to end bad frequently.

You can always use something for good or for bad. You can use a knife to cut food in the kitchen or you can use it to stab people. However, the knife itself is neither a good or a bad thing. It’s actually a very helpful tool for humanity if you use it for good purposes. Same with storing DNA or genetic engineering.

that’s true, that’s what i mentioned “not always good”. but let me be at least in control of what belongs to… well… me, right?

Pretty soon it’ll be everybody’s sperm/egg, not just DNA:

Without Peter’s children, his parents wrote that it would be “impossible” for the Zhu lineage to continue and the “family name will die”.

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