Doing "actual" Real Estate stuff

Everyone is an expert on everything but no one is talking specific on RE deals and projects. I will just start my own journey then.

No multifamily experience but here I am working with a burnt out building.
More money than sense right?

Oh yeah, I’m still work 2 days a week at the restaurant for $18/hr (where’s my wage inflation?)

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Welcome back @caiguycaiguy

Great hustle!

I’m having a hard time getting builders risk/ course of construction insurance.

I’ve reached out to multiple agents at different brokerages. All insurers declined except one but the premium is like $100k…

The last agent say I can try to get a California Fair Plan just to have some coverage. Didn’t get a quote yet.

I didn’t expect so much difficulty but I guess that’s the price of learning as you go.

Advice ?

I’ll connect you with my agent in San Jose

DM me

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All taxpayers through the government will cover the costs - it might take another 6 weeks to get repairs in but all tenants will be made whole.

Imagine if this happened to a private landlord. All this hotel bills and repair costs and possible lawsuits from tenants. I don’t know if this can be partially covered by flood insurance if it was purchased.

My other place.

Some mold, major Roach :cockroach: infestation , And Water damage.

At least the tenant left so I can start fresh.

New floors, kitchen, and bathroom.
Renovations not even done but someone took it for $2500. Oakland

Ok, thank you.

Thank you.

That’s gonna be a lot of work @caiguycaiguy. Nice job on the design.

Rented out on 3/1/2023 for $2500. 3 bedrooms/1 bath. Water and Trash included.
San Antonio neighborhood Oakland.


Hayward SFH

Old tenants moved few months ago so doing some renovations.


Very nice.

A 3/1 for $2500 fully remodeled is slightly below market.


Yes, pretty much all my stuff are below market.
I’m not really a savvy operator.

People here familiar with Hayward?

SFH - 3bed/2bath 1050sq ft
Mount Eden area of Hayward.

Let’s see what the “market” is vs. what I rent it out for later.
Should be ready before May 1.

Clearing all the fire damaged wood and hopefully start framing soon

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Finally got builder’s risk insurance after 6 months of trying… Only cost me $30k for 1 year.
Reached out to dozen broker and all said can’t do it. Only 1 came back at $100k+ . :skull:
Was planning to do without… until finally my usual agent came back with something! Miracle can happen!

Cleared away all the burnt stuff and started framing exterior walls.

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The Hayward one is Almost ready to rent out.


Why do these Hayward pictures look like my rentals? :slight_smile:

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We need to team up and buy at bulk discount!