Dow Down 666 Points



I reckon it’s in 95117 from your recent posts. :slight_smile:


James Witt bought a lot of teardowns in PA with an ad in the local paper…Old people still read the paper


Um… it’s in the peninsula… :wink:


And how much networth do these people have? I bet few go beyond 3M.

That’s what I am saying. Getting to 3M is super easy with Bay Area real estate. No talent and no effort required. Scaling beyond that is a whole different story.


You bought a South Bay’s house? Noted you bought in peninsula in another post.


I think you mean Fortress :man_dancing:


Outbid 24 people then flip, wow. That means that those 24 people did not fully appreciate the potential for the house, or you might over paid a little. But you can still make a profit from your creative remodel


Peninsula… not a done deal yet so please don’t ask anymore… I wouldn’t mind sharing more after the deal closes.


Totally overpaid. But yes will still profit, more or less :wink:


Even though stocks futures up, we do not know how the market will behave based on this issue.

Congress Misses Funding Deadline; Shutdown Begins
Rand Paul’s objections slow measure’s progress in Senate; upper chamber goes into recess


“If you were against President Obama’s deficits and now you’re for the Republican deficits, isn’t that the very definition of hypocrisy?” Rand Paul said.


It is all theater…Rand Paul is truly an Asshole…Just wants attention.

Here is another asshole…Jim Rogers, perma bear


Rogers is a joke. He should just roll over and die along with Greenspan.


How did you come up the magical number 3? Is it networth or equity+mortgage?


Gut feel. If you want math, here it is:

1.5M primary + 0.5M rental. In 30 years grow to 4M in today’s dollars. And it’s paid off. Subtract all the expenses over the years and it’s about 3M?

Feel free to put in some Excel work. But remember to use NPV and backport the numbers to 2018 dollar.


Market resumed its decline. Is there going to be a black Monday?




Decided to sell. AMZN at 1350, Qualcomm around 62.50. Dropped a low performer to offset Qualcomm profit.

Holding AAPL for dividends.

Feeling good!


Selling during a panic is never an option. You may feel good now but like drug addiction will cause a lifetime of pain and regret.


On the contrary, Selling on the way down gives me cash to buy when it comes back up from the bottom. I only lose if that was the bottom. And I don’t think it is.


You are gambling that it is not the bottom right now and also you have to time it right to get back in. You have to be right twice. In my opinion even a 20% drop is too little room to do so and not worthwhile after tax consequences are taken into account. It would have to be a 2008 scale drop for this to make sense.

And, judging from your comments, you already missed the first drop 10%. You should’ve sold it last week. So you are probably not a good market timer.